Multiple-choice questions for kids real Madrid Mbappe Harland both stars?

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The future of kylian Mbappe and Harland has been the subject of intense media attention, with reports suggesting that both could be brought to the Bernabeu by Lagerfeld.But PERSONALLY, I don’t think it’s likely.Mbappe has just proved his worth with a stunning winner against future club Real Madrid in the Champions League, and real are said to be keen to save the transfer fee by waiving his contract at greater Paris in the summer.This is despite the fact that Grand Paris is offering £1 million a week, equivalent to about 8.6 million yuan, the highest salary in football.But it may still be impossible to keep the superstar.Kylian Mbappe has been linked with a summer move to Real Madrid.Another Norwegian talent, Harland, has just watched from the bench as borussia Dortmund were beaten 4-2 by Glasgow Rangers in the Europa League. Borussia Dortmund, who have long been outgunned by Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga, are at great risk of being knocked out of the champions League, and he hopes to move to La Liga.Barca is in a bad situation, and the new No. 10 Faty is injured, Xavi also needs to identify a Barcelona attacker can be decisive, Harland is undoubtedly the ideal choice.Barca are rumoured to be offering 75 million euros in damages and 20 million euros a year, the highest salary in the league.Barca’s new sponsor Spotify, a Swedish company, is also keen to sign the Nordic striker.According to the current situation, Mbappe joined Real Madrid, Harland joined Barca is more reliable.After all, the epidemic and other reasons, the simultaneous signing of two stars for Real Madrid’s financial pressure is considerable.Without Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, la Liga has formed a new “Hamm duo” duel.It will also help to make la Liga more enjoyable and competitive.The outcome may be unpredictable, but what the two superstars do this summer could shape European football for more than a decade.Do you think real Madrid will sign both Mbappe and Harland?