3299 yuan!Redmi K50 esports edition is officially released, and the performance ceiling is coming

2022-05-18 0 By

Today is the second day of the Lantern Festival and the first press conference of Redmi in the Year of the Tiger. At this press conference, we will witness the preheated REDmi K50 e-sports version and see how it will shine.Because it is the first product of the Red Rice K50 universe, it naturally received a lot of consumer attention, so the appearance of the Red rice K50 e-sports version, I believe everyone has been clear.Red rice K50 e-sports version adopts the positive direct screen + the design of the center hole, and the continuation of the SAN product design concept, on the back of the flash of lightning, special-shaped design camera area and breathe atmosphere lamp decoration, has very high identification degree, e-sports elements very much, but the overall look not too grandiose, simple, beautiful and the machine has three color ice cut, blade, shadow,To meet the needs of different groups of people.Of course, this time redmi has partnered with the Mercedes AMG F1 team, and has also released a K50 Champion edition, which can be called the first AMG for young people.The front of the machine adopts a 6.67-inch OLED flexible straight screen with a hole in the center, and the resolution is FHD+. It supports 120Hz refresh rate, 480Hz game touch sampling rate, and 1920Hz PWM high-frequency dimming, which can effectively alleviate the problem of “low brightness stuttering” eye injury.The screen has obtained the DisplayMate A+ international authoritative picture quality certification and obtained 15 picture quality records. Equipped with the professional color calibration technology of “primary color screen”, the accurate color like professional display is achieved through the adjustment of film by film. The material is covered with Victus gorilla glass, which is more resistant to falling and scratches.Redmi K50 e-sports edition carries a new generation of Snapdragon 8+LPDDR5+UFS3.1 new performance iron triangle, the performance of the strong need not say more, this is the performance ceiling in the current Android camp.The red rice K50 esports version uses the heat dissipation double VC heat plate, VC area reached 4860 square mm, challenge the industry’s largest VC heat dissipation area, and the use of new VC material, making the heat dissipation performance improved by 40%, further ensure the complete release of performance.In addition, by covering the processor with thermal copper radiator, its thermal conductivity is increased by 3.5 times. The antenna is covered with second-generation aerospace graphene, and its thermal conductivity is also increased by 20%. All aspects of the body heat dissipation.Just saying these, I believe you are still a little bit of perception is not strong, so the official said that in the high frame rate mode of King of Glory, it can achieve an average of 119.88 frames in 30 minutes, the temperature is only 43.5℃, to achieve full frame operation, not hot and not drop the frame.On the original God, the Redmi K50 esports version can achieve an average of 57.2 frames in 30 minutes at a temperature of just 44.1 ° C.In terms of battery life, Red rice K50 e-sports edition carries 120W quick charge, with a battery capacity of 4700mAh, which only takes 17 minutes to fill. It is also a model that can be charged while playing, and it only takes 37 minutes to restore full blood state to ensure user experience.Redmi K50 esports version rear three shots, respectively rear 64 million IMX686 main shot +8 million ultra wide Angle +2 million functional lens;The SONY IMX596, which preplaces the global debut, has 20 megapixels, and overall, it’s not a problem.Let’s talk about other aspects of the Redmi K50 esports edition. The REDmi K50 esports edition uses ultra broadband X-axis motor and magnetic power pop-up shoulder button 2.0 to enhance the daily and gaming experience.The former ADAPTS to many mainstream games and 95 everyday scenarios through excellent vibration tuning, while the latter ADAPTS to daily and entertainment through hidden structure and custom shoulder button shortcuts.In addition, JBL broadband four-unit speaker, WiFi6 enhanced version, low-delay four-network collaboration, infrared Pro (infrared remote control upgrade version, remote control distance 10m), multi-functional NCF, MIUI 13, etc., in general, this is a quite powerful bucket flagship e-sports machine.Finally, we are most concerned about the price link.Redmi K50 esports version: 8+128GB version 3299 yuan, 12+128GB version 3599 yuan, 12+256GB version 3899 yuan.Redmi K50 Champion edition: That’s all for redmi K50 esports edition, are you satisfied?