Henan has a beautiful AAAAA scenic spot dominated by virgin forest

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Henan has a beautiful AAAAA scenic spot dominated by virgin forest.Treasure day, scenic area, the landscape shows its cultural superiority and characteristics of tourist attractions is very outstanding, for many of the tourists in the city, go to a tourist attraction is the key to improve living quality, treasure day is one of them, it is a city of henan province nanyang, is focus on the protection of nanyang a natural scenic spot of a beautiful natural environment,Its interior is also a tourist resort with air negative oxygen ion content of 12,000 cubic meters. This scenic spot is a rare natural beauty in the province, and it is also a key protected natural scenic spot of Nanyang City.It is not only the central comprehensive intact natural gene pool, is also a key protection area in our country, and it is China’s only the Yangtze river, Yellow River and huaihe river watershed, from the perspective of the performance of the tourism industry, it embodies the typical local characteristics was the attention also raised, thereby through the way of national nature reserve, working to protect the scenic spot ecological environment at the same time,Henan will also continue to improve the basic service facilities in scenic spots, and gradually improve the experience of tourists through the construction of infrastructure.Look from inside the scenic spot of some scenic spots, including tyurin waterfall tourist area, camel peak stone perilous peak tourist area and the primeval forest ecological tourist area three core scenic area, all scenic spots inside will produce the typical cultural role, internal attractions, high tourism value in the development of tourism industry, also can have the very big enhancement.As a qualified promoted to 5 a tourist attraction in henan province, and now is only 4 a tourist attractions, but from the perspective of the development of tourist attractions, still can see the appeal of the scenic spots, so in the development of tourism industry, tourism charm became great signficance for the development of the tourist sites changed, that is why strengthening protection of henan province.From the point of the development of henan province tourist attractions, each attractions has its own unique tourist attractions, the presence of each landscape is very high, but from the tourist attractions tourism charm, has its own development, and has a larger increase visitors can fully feel how important the development of the scenic spots, it is particularly prominent.Have you been to Baotianman Scenic Spot?What do you think of this place?