Looking for the most beautiful!Luoyang public security battle “epidemic” youth power

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Editor’s note to showcase the city’s public security organs at all levels and the vast majority of people auxiliary police carry out “severe high solid” bureau training requirements, in the maintenance of social stability, escort a safe new effects and new measures of progressive, perseverance, loyalty and started a new era of the new image, “luoyang city public security bureau will launch” “looking for the best” series of promotional theme show column,Focus on the “public security model” of overcoming difficulties, the “unsung hero” of ordinary posts, the good deeds and righteous acts in daily life, the touching moments of serving the masses, seek and discover the most beautiful, carry forward the main melody of The Times, and transfer the positive energy of public security.Today, let’s approach “Youth Power in EPIDEMIC Prevention and Control” (phase II).A group of youth in luoyang public security JingYing power they hold in the epidemic prevention card points forefront “upstream”, in order to run “war” in the community and epidemic prevention of the first line is busy in the flow adjustable support the start up of war “epidemic” of youth to the Great Wall together to listen to their stories below the chan river branch young policeman Wang Zeguo in the epidemic prevention work,I have participated in epidemic verification, checkpoint duty, nucleic acid test security, etc. What impressed me most is the nucleic acid test security work in the city. During the duty, I met a grandmother in her 70s, who could not move easily, and her granddaughter was taking care of her.”The little girl’s parents are both doctors, and today they are taking part in the epidemic prevention. No one will take care of the old woman at home. Could you please let her join the queue?”After I understood the situation, I communicated with other people, and the people were very willing to “jump the queue”. Then I helped my grandmother to finish the nucleic acid test, and sent them back home to rest.Through this small thing, let me feel the unity of our Chinese people, this may be our “Chinese love”.As a new police officer, I have benefited a lot from the epidemic prevention and control work, from rounds of nucleic acid detection to epidemic security duty, from flow adjustment work to one verification instruction, endless flow adjustment phone calls, endless scanning location codes…Let me see the people’s police selfless dedication charge in the front of the sense of responsibility, feel the people’s public security for the people’s mission.On March 30, doomed to be an unforgettable night, I was on my way home from work that night, suddenly my mobile phone rang: an urgent notice to gather at the chanhe River Sub-bureau.Without much thought, I hurried to the inn.The director said: there is an emergency situation, I first take people there, others in the office standby, ready.The instructor arranged for the comrades who had not had a meal to eat first, and soon we received a notice to the precinct and quickly gathered. When we arrived at the precinct, we found that everyone was busy and nervous. At this time, we knew that the chanhe River Area was the scene of an epidemic, and it was still in the area under the jurisdiction of the Wuwulu police station where I worked.Without much thought, I immediately threw myself into the intense flow adjustment work.Answering and making calls, checking information, sorting and summarizing……So busy all night, and then raised his head, the sky has been white, the leadership said let us grasp and shift personnel handover, and then go back to rest, at any time.I rushed to finish sorting out all the data at hand and breathed a sigh of relief. Then I felt sleepy.As an auxiliary police officer at the grass-roots level, we are not strangers to the epidemic. But when the epidemic strikes, I will still embrace the challenges brought by the epidemic with a hundredfold of spirit. I hope that when the peonies blossom in Los Angeles, the epidemic can be dispersed and we can reunite in the spring.On the evening of March 30th, Zhang Ning, a young police officer in Luolong Sub-bureau, received a notice from his superiors about epidemic prevention and control work at 11pm after working overtime for two days.Without hesitation, I immediately fought shoulder to shoulder with my colleagues to carry out the work of tracing back to the source of flow.After a night of fighting, the task was basically accomplished.After the handover, everyone will rest on the sofa or chair, no one complains, because our name is police, our color is Tibetan blue.As a young police officer of Luoyang Public Security, I deeply realized that what we are guarding is a point, but behind is a city.As the epidemic approaches, I will shoulder my responsibility firmly and keep my mission firmly in my heart.Wang Yanchao, a young police officer of the SPECIAL Police Detachment, received an urgent work arrangement at 8 o ‘clock on March 31. I was in charge of the special Police 204 armed patrol car and went to dingding Intersection of Zhongzhou Road to perform isolation and control tasks.I took all the protective equipment and led my team members to the mission site.The intersection for luoyang city east-west direction of the big intersection, large flow of people, intersection has gathered a large number of people.After taking personal protection measures, I immediately began to work, answering questions raised by the masses one by one, and patiently comforting and evacuating the people on the spot to prevent people from gathering.At about 19:00 that night, a car suddenly arrived at the duty station, and a flustered public got off the car and said that there was a person in the car who was vomiting, which was suspected to be an attack of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. I immediately opened a green channel with my colleagues and immediately released the patient. At the same time, after doing necessary work, the patient was treated as soon as possible.10 hours of post, hungry to eat some steamed bread, thirsty to drink some mineral water, with practical action for the people to erect a “Tibetan blue” barrier.Yue Pengyuan, a young police officer in the Old City Sub-bureau, has experienced the cold overnight at the highway checkpoint and the incomprehension of the masses during the flow inspection. At the same time, I have truly felt the difficulty of medical workers and realized the party and government’s practice and interpretation of people’s life first.As a grassroots police officer, I understand that only by integrating the individual into the larger individual, actively engaging in epidemic prevention and control, and taking practical actions to fulfill the responsibilities of the people’s police, can I live up to the ardent expectations of the Party and the people.Come on China!We are closely linked, there is no such thing as difficulty!Meng Jin branch of the young police Kong Yali “spring cold” resurgence of the epidemic, “the epidemic is the police situation, the police situation is the police order”, after the advent of the epidemic, I settled home, told my husband, daughter, to the luo epidemic prevention card point.”Please open alipay to scan the site code and fill in the information.” “Please take the initiative to cooperate with the epidemic prevention personnel and queue up for nucleic acid in an orderly manner.”Seemingly simple sentences are repeated hundreds of times a day, from morning till night.In the fight against the epidemic, in addition to sticking to the front line, I also have to do their own work.Every day from work to work at night, just like a spinning top.As a female comrade, in this war ‘epidemic’, I want to be a good guardian of the masses, do my best to provide security for the people, this is my duty, I have no regrets.Yichuan county police bureau youth Shen Xiangfei the outbreak began, I like so many colleagues often give up the rest of the day weekend, holidays traveling in disease resistance line, my wife is a medical staff, in the face of the outbreak also fought in the disease resistance front, with our 4 year old daughter is gathered from much less, often let relatives to help look after the children.As a Party member, at this moment, we must clearly realize that the implementation of the “epidemic is the command, prevention and control is the responsibility”, adhere to the “charge in the front line, fighting in the forefront”, is the best action to fulfill the pledge of party membership.There are a lot of people like this in my colleagues, they are busy on the flow line, some travelling in a line card points, some will be responsible for to crack down on all kinds of illegal crime to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property, just we division of labor is different, in fact we are all in the party organizations at all levels under the guidance of practice “serving the people wholeheartedly” pledge.With the strong leadership of Party organizations at all levels, the efforts of tens of millions of Party members and police officers, and the support of hundreds of millions of “lovely” people, we will have the utmost confidence to win the battle against the epidemic.On March 30, I was performing epidemic prevention and control tasks at Lianhuo High-speed Yanshi Station. At that time, traffic was at its peak, and all the police and staff on duty at the epidemic prevention and control card point were busy.At about 11 o ‘clock on the same day, a delivery boy suddenly arrived, which delighted the staff of the epidemic prevention and control checkpoint.I wanted to contact him to express my gratitude, but he did not provide any contact information, and specifically told the delivery boy not to tell us his name.All the people busy all morning in the body and mind at that moment, suddenly excited.The people are satisfied with our epidemic prevention and control work, and the feedback from the people makes our work even more exciting. We have responded to the expectations of the people, and the people have responded to us with support and understanding.I think this is the greatest significance of our hard work.They gathered in the darkest night at the most sleepy time to highlight the professionalism and responsibility of luoyang young police