Ordinary people also need to invest

2022-05-18 0 By

The stock market is always moving and creating.Many ordinary people have chosen to invest in stocks, hoping to have investment income.From tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands, millions, tens of millions, hundreds of millions, some private equity is tens of billions, hundreds of billions of capital ah.Some experience, buy go in namely 3 harden stop, 5 harden stop, make money is a few, majority still falls as the rise of the stock market, or win, or deficient, deficient still is majority.But the common people buy stock, buy to go in to fall, rose to have not returned originally, he began to fall again, some stocks held for more than 10 years.When the stock market booms, the national economy booms.The stock market is so complicated that most people don’t understand it.Do a thing that you do not understand, you can not achieve the result you want to achieve.Retail, it is most common people, capital small cost is small, loss also won’t too big!There is a video said that China Fortune is a real estate company, is known as the second Evergrande, the company’s chairman, cash out more than 10 billion ah.The debt of the company has nothing to do with him. After the stock market rose, he cashed out, more than 10 billion ah, the stock price fell in a complete mess. If the owner of China Fortune, the owner of the stock is not happy ah.Why do retail investors invest in stocks?What else can you do but buy a house and put money in a bank?To invest in stocks is to value an enterprise, China, China’s stability, and China’s future and strength.Retail investors have a lot of weaknesses, can not see the company’s announcement, financial results, cash out, lift the ban.American interest rate meeting, Federal Reserve, dollar depreciation, oil price rise, environmental pollution, carbon emissions and other very complex concepts and hot spots, new energy, new energy batteries, electronic semiconductors, chips, ordinary people do not understand.Experts’ explanation, investors’ explanation, analysts’ analysis, opinions vary, the common people do not know what to do.The Chinese people still look to the stability of the Chinese economy and China’s development amid the recovery from the epidemic.Investing is a marathon, a lifetime event, a multigenerational event.Just don’t step in the mines and don’t get fooled.The country will strengthen the supervision of the securities market, the securities market illegal behavior must be investigated, strengthen the strict supervision of the executives, the chairman, the listed company!Strengthen the confidence of the common people to the stock market, to the securities company investment, the common people still love investment.