The school in Ningbo has set up a “principal’s Play Day” to guide children to exercise for good health and happiness

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Pan Liqun (middle), principal of Hanzhang Primary School, accompanies students to exercise.What was your impression of the headmaster from your school days?In Xiangshan County Han Chapter primary school, the principal became a big friend of the students, not only “play with”, but also released “malicious words” : in the game beat the principal has a prize!The principal, Pan Liqun, wants to lead children in this form of physical fitness and happy sports.On March 24, the sun was shining at noon, and it was time for the “Principal’s Play Day” every Wednesday. Pan Liqun wanted to play mat volleyball with her children.On the volleyball court, children gather around Principal Pan. The challenge is to count the number of volleyball balls.”Seven, eight, nine, ten…Too many!”As the children counted, Principal Pan filled 10 balls.The rules of the competition are that if the number of volleyballs reaches 10, the challenge is successful.”It’s a bit difficult…”Several of the children looked puzzled.In order to encourage children’s enthusiasm for the challenge, the challenge will be changed to five volleyballs.The challenge began.The children concentrated on challenging the principal one by one, while the onlookers cheered for the challenger, laughing or regretting.On the challenge scene, most of the children only got under 3, but there were 6 children who succeeded!They not only harvested the joy of the success of the challenge, but also got the prize, a happy smile on their faces.It is understood that the weekly “principal play day” this day, the principal will accompany the children to play a different interest expansion content, such as playing football, shooting, volleyball and so on.Successful children will get some small prizes, such as snacks, stationery and so on.”Principal play day” has become a popular activity in the school, every week at noon, Pan Liqun has become the object of the challenge of children.Pan liqun said that in the process of sports, not only enhance children’s physique and ability to resist pressure, but also improve students’ IQ, eq, and develop good living habits.In addition, can also close the distance between teachers and students, in a relaxed and happy atmosphere to communicate, listen to students’ words and some small suggestions.In fact, “Principal play Day” is just one of the happy lunchtime activities at Hanzhang Primary School.Pan set a “rule” for all the students: no special circumstances, every morning after class, before 12 noon do not enter the classroom.So, almost every day at noon can see the children happily running in all corners of the campus, playing football, playing basketball, climbing area climbing, Lego wall and Lego, parallel bars area exercise, playing ping-pong, playing volleyball…They threw themselves into a happy midday activity.In addition, every Tuesday and Thursday, there are noon interest development classes. The school offers instrumental music classes such as bamboo flute, vocal music and Chinese opera, chess and Weiqi, and art classes such as paper cutting and Traditional Chinese painting. On Monday and Friday, reading and writing are arranged.”We are a rural primary school with a special geographical location. 60% of our students come from all over the country. Many parents are busy making a living, so there are few opportunities for our children to develop special skills and hobbies.”It’s not about getting students really good at a specific skill, it’s about giving them an opportunity to experiment, to find out what they’re interested in and work on it.”Pan Liqun hope, can give students more happy lunch time, lunch is no longer blindly write homework, speak homework, truly implement “double reduction” work, increase after-class service characteristics.Ningbo Evening News reporter Ma Tingting correspondent Chen Dongjun statement: reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: