Winter Olympics pictures | glorious defeat!Yuzuru Hanyu smile at success or failure, you are a warrior!

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Pushing the envelope, that’s hanyu’s heroism.On February 10, the men’s figure skating singles free skate competition began.Although Yuzuru Hanyu did not complete the 4A challenge with high quality, he fell off the ice in the first jump, but it was a glorious defeat!Yuzuru Hanyu falls in race Yuzuru Hanyu finishes the race Yuzuru Hanyu Challenge How hard is 4A really?The 4A quadruple jump, also known as axel quadruple jump, was first performed by Norwegian Axel Paulsen in 1882. It is the most difficult of the six jumps in men’s singles.So far, no figure skater has successfully jumped 4A in competition.Feather raw produce string at the scene of the game feather raw produce strings feather raw knot in the game in the match raw knot string in the contest primaries raw Rachel string into the game feather “string in the game challenges, challenge the limit, the breakthrough is a great adventure, this is the charm of sports.Laugh at success or failure, hanyu knot string is a warrior.Photo: Visual China (This article is from For more original news, please download APP)