“Detective Academy 5” Yang Di play games again encounter Waterloo Pu Yi Xing yangko way to open rap

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Mango TV produced by the large-scale puzzle class puzzle interactive reality show “Detective Academy 5” 12 will be online at noon today.In this program, seniors in tongmu village villagers invited to participate in the “New Year’s square dance competition”, we use square dance to open the treasure is you, very happy at the same time also added a lot of New Year’s festival atmosphere;Pu Yixing sings fast English rap while dancing in the square.In addition, Yang Di met Waterloo again in the game link, frequently failed to draw the card, once suspected that he looked at the wrong card, very helpless.In tongmu Village New Year square dance contest, the seniors picked up the equipment without saying a word and performed the square dance version of the theme song “Treasure is you”.We have a clear division of labor some drums, some turn handkerchief dragon dance, tacit understanding, instantly lit the scene atmosphere.Pu Yixing is also a rap player. She sings fast English rap while dancing fan, and at the same time, she paces the yangko dance accurately. It is cool and funny, and everyone laughs at this immediately.At the beginning of the search for clues, Pang Bo thought of “carp jump longmen” with props, and happened to be in front of a wooden door, he tried to throw props over the door frame, thinking that the completion of “jump longmen” action clues will “drop from the sky”.After the attempt failed, Pang Bo immediately changed his thinking, and thought of “red carp and green carp and donkey”, so he took props to find the donkey and green carp in the village, thinking of rapid change, imagination.Yandi play’s setback again JiSiJun clues to view the yandi smiled from ear to ear in copying props games “love spell will win,” to be able to let his seniors have touched the ice brand, has always been a “game king” of yandi have been stuck in draw phase, as the game is coming to an end, watched PuYi star first completed all your CARDS,”I’m just about to break the ice,” she said.It was sad and funny to see How She seemed to fall into the black hole of the game.After the match, Qi Sijun, who had won the game, got the right to check other people’s clues.He chose to check Yang Di’s mobile phone, stroking his chin and scanning the clues in the album. When he saw the clues of the same item, his eyes lit up and his mouth turned up, twisting his fingers to remember the clues.To the last few seconds, Qi Sijun smile more “unbridled”, could not help but clap laugh after handing over the phone.Looking at Qi Sijun smile from ear to ear, Wu Xin can not help but ridicule: “earn big?”Qi Sijun won the game, in view of Yang Di’s mobile clues, can help him further from the treasure?Find more wonderful, please lock large puzzle class decryption interactive reality show “detective Academy 5”, this Thursday at 12 o ‘clock the entire network broadcast alone.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn