Li Jinyu shoots eagles with a bow

2022-05-19 0 By

The first time I watched Li Jinyu’s bow shooting was when I went out to watch the world preliminary match between The National football team and Tariq Stan during night study in high school. It was like 4-0.Years of the most ruthless is not aging, but let the national football team more and more no blood.Li Jinyu shooting skills and smell!But the number of goals does not mean that he can be fierce, I think many people are stronger than him, ancient god will not say, nearly thirty years, gao Feng, benshan, Xie Hui, Yang Chen, Su Maozhen, Qu Shengqing, Zhang Yuning, wang Tao, Yu Genwei, Han Peng, Wu Lei, Zhu Ting, Li Bing, in addition to play center when fan Zhiyi!