Office Tip 019: Extract pictures, audio or video that are inserted into a powerpoint presentation

2022-05-19 0 By

A good PPT usually inserts rich videos, music or pictures to make the PPT display more high-end and cool, so how to extract pictures, videos or music in PPT?Today, I received a PPT document from my colleague, which contained two videos with a total of over 400 meters.The file is in PPT format with a. PPTX suffix. You can open the video in PPT to play it.PPTX itself is a compressed format (.zip), and its extension can be changed to.rar open with winRAR.Right-click the PPT file and choose Rename from the drop-down list. Change the extension name of the PPT file from.pptx to.rar.In the “rename” dialog box that pops up, select “Yes”. At this time, the icon that should be asked is changed into a compressed package icon.Double-click to open the Compressed file dialog box, which contains the file package composed of XML and related resources.Find the “PPT-> Media” folder, which contains all the videos, music and images embedded in PPT.Hold down the Ctrl key to select each image, audio or video file you want, and click “Unzip to” to save it to your computer.Or simply drag it to the specified location.​