Accident or murder?Three people were killed when a car crashed into a river in Chongqing

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Accident or murder?Three dead after car crash in Chongqing, children return home to find mother dead Was it accident or murder?Chongqing car fell into the river 3 people died only 1 boy escape, such as the little boy out of danger home unexpectedly found his mother died.On February 9 at 7:00 PM, a strange tragedy happened on the sexi river in Rongchang, Chongqing.The site of the incident is a small dock on the seto River, which is directly above the Sichuan sanbin harbor community.Before the accident, the four people who fell into the river had dinner near sichuan Sanbin Bay community, and then came to the accident site to wash their cars.But the accident happened.The car washed ready to go, suspected accidentally reversed into the river, a huge noise.Some had dinner, is the seto River side of the residents walking, quickly took out a mobile phone alarm.The car began to float on the surface of the water, after about 10 minutes slowly sank.Rescuers continued searching the river for about five hours.It was not until about 0:30 on February 10 that the vehicle was found and pulled ashore by a crane.Unfortunately, three of the four people in the car were killed. Only one boy, aged about 10, escaped and swam out on his own.The three people killed were his grandfather, grandmother and his mother’s boyfriend.The boy’s biological parents divorced when he was 4, according to people familiar with the matter.The boy’s mother’s boyfriend was driving the car at the time of the accident.Then something strange happened again.A 10-year-old boy, encounter such a big heart-stirring, life-and-death, narrowly escaped after the event, let alone has lost three relatives, the child wanted to find his mother for the first time, but her mother’s phone has been unable to connect.On The morning of October 10, the boy led police to the house of his mother and her boyfriend and opened the door, only to find that there was no life in hwang’s house.Worried that the child could not accept the shock of losing three close relatives, the child has been taken to Yongchuan by his father.A TV show wouldn’t dare do that. What a coincidence!?For all the suspicion, the driver was the boyfriend of the boy’s mother, whose parents divorced when he was four.The three people killed were the boy’s grandfather, grandmother and his mother’s boyfriend.It’s complicated, it’s a strange situation.However, many Internet users are speculating that there must be more than coincidence between these two bizarre events, which in any case look like a premeditated murder that novelists and screenwriters would not dare write about.Netizens also hotly debated: “It should be a criminal case, first to harm the girlfriend, then to harm the girlfriend’s parents and son, but also the boy’s life!””There’s no need to investigate. It’s 100% the father.Because all the key players are connected to the mother of the child, the intent is too obvious.””There are only two suspects. Either the boyfriend has a problem and wants to kill himself together.Or he’s involved with another woman and she wants to murder everyone.”Netizens speculated that the new boyfriend of the boy’s mother, Surnamed Huang, was the most suspected.Netizens suggested that the man may have killed Huang at home, picked up her family and drove the car into the river to kill them, claiming they were washing their car after dinner.The author agrees with the netizen’s inference and does not want to speculate maliciously, but in criminal cases, the proportion of being killed by spouse is very high.The odds are so small in real life that the mother of the child died mysteriously.Second, generally speaking, the car fell into the water, the probability of escape of the driver is large, and just the child escaped, the driver may deliberately commit suicide, the child may be saved by grandparents;Three is after dinner at 7:30, it is dark, and relatively cold, ordinary people will not go to the car wash, generally will not take the father-in-law a car wash, car wash off in the water is unreasonable.Now the most important thing is that the exact cause of death, of little boys mother was found if the boy mother is harm others death, by on-site inspection, inspection bodies should soon be able to determine whether a criminal case and the cause of death of the dead, then look up the little boy my mother’s boyfriend, is the driver’s driving off river action trajectory,We’ll know if it was him or someone else.Other vehicles fall river scene, more careful on-site inspection, especially vehicle trip trajectory, the scene with and without brake mark, the presence of video monitoring, interior presence of vehicle traveling data recorder, etc., but also to data recovery, the content of the related electronic products as far as possible to get more useful information, to determine whether drivers deliberately driving off the river.In fact, the boy is more than 10 years old, should be able to describe what happened in the car, the boy’s account is also key to the case.It is hoped that the relevant authorities will conduct a meticulous investigation into the truth behind this tragedy, which is not difficult to find.