Texas innovates to boost rural employment

2022-05-20 0 By

Dezhou News network (Reporter Wang Zhiming, correspondent Xu Yueliang, Cui Xinle) On April 8, the city held the second “to expand the rural labor employment integration reform pilot” theme series press conference, invited the municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, municipal Bureau of Education and Sports related persons to introduce the situation.The municipal Human resources and Social Security Bureau undertakes the tasks of expanding and improving the quality of public welfare posts in urban and rural areas.The bureau in the policy measures mainly do “four clear”, that is, clear resettlement object, clear target task, clear post type, clear financial security;To achieve “four breakthroughs”, namely, the number of posts will increase significantly, resettlement will focus on rural areas, post setting will be more down-to-ground, and management and services will be more standardized.At present, the urban and rural public welfare post capacity expansion and quality improvement work is steadily advancing.By the end of March, more than 26,000 urban and rural public welfare jobs had been developed and nearly 19,500 were employed.By the end of April, efforts will be made to relocate all staff.City people club bureau deputy director is still the key introduction, basic information for more detailed grasp the city workers and job hunting, training, entrepreneurship services such as demand, through the perfect boost “one network” a micro end (Texas wisdom employment net, WeChat services, mobile client) service function, establish a dynamic update human resource supply and demand data platform – Texas intelligence services information platform,Provide “one-stop” employment service for the city’s workers.At present, dezhou Intelligent labor Information platform has been officially promoted and applied. By the end of September, high frequency employment events can be integrated into the wechat service number of intelligent labor.”We have issued the work plan and plan to support migrant workers who have higher education requirements and meet the admission requirements within 3 to 5 years. Through the open education system of Dezhou Vocational and Technical College, the goal of going to university can be realized and the educational level and employment ability of migrant workers can be improved.”At the conference, the city sports bureau four researcher Wang Junchen said.According to the arrangement, our city will use 3 years to support 1000 migrant workers to go to college.”This year as a pilot year, mainly to explore and standardize work channels and corresponding procedures, prepare to open accounting, e-commerce and other six majors, can be adjusted according to the actual situation in the next two years.”Wang Junchen introduced.The university will also train migrant workers in need with “double certificates”, which means that they can obtain relevant skills certificates through professional training and relevant examinations while obtaining higher education certificates.Migrant workers who wish to go to university can register at the teaching points set up by the city and TV universities in each county (city, district).In obtaining school status and according to the provisions of the school, to get higher education diploma certificate, by the county level federation of trade unions and city power university after checking without error, reimburse tuition.