How is small shell small white tooth?Adherence to care can lead to a healthy mouth

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Cats can’t brush their own teeth, so they need help with their oral and dental care.If we want our cat to have white teeth and good health, we need to take good care of it in our daily life.Because when it comes to finding a problem with your cat’s teeth, it could be more serious than you think.And xiaobian recently found that many cat friends are asking about pet oral care products small shell small white teeth products?As someone who has used his products, we can explain some of the problems, but before that, we can learn how to detect a cat’s oral problems, and how to prevent oral diseases.When it is found that their cats have bad breath, dental calculus and other oral problems, to take to the hospital in time for medical treatment, diagnosis of the disease, and then the right medicine.If the cat’s mouth inflammation is more serious, it needs to be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics;If the cat is a serious dental calculus in the mouth, it is necessary to carry out dental cleaning surgery, now the pet hospital has ultrasonic cleaning teeth, for the treatment of dental calculus effect is good.If only the cat’s mouth has a significant odor, and other gastrointestinal diseases are excluded, then it is necessary to timely oral care, to avoid further aggravation of the situation.The way to prevent oral diseases 1, let the cat to develop a good habit of brushing teeth.Cats hate brushing their teeth. It’s a gradual process that starts with stroking and rubbing your cat’s mouth, and then rubbing your fingers against their teeth.Do this for a while and wait until your cat gets used to the brushing process before brushing.When choosing a toothbrush for your cat, always use a cat toothbrush and toothpaste.2, use small shell small white teeth and other oral care products.If your cat is very resistant to brushing, we can also choose an oral care solution that is more acceptable to the cat at this time.For example, the small shell and small white teeth used by Xiaobian are a good choice. Xiaobian uses a combination of tooth cleaning water and tooth cleaning stick.It is a very convenient and comfortable way to feed your teeth with pure water. The main ingredients include natural persimmon extract, which is very effective in relieving bad breath.The small shell freeze-dried tooth cleaning stick has four flavors of chicken, fish, beef and duck meat to choose from. It does not smell strange and has good palatability. It adopts porous freeze-dried structure to help clean up dental stones.How is the effect of small shell small white tooth?I think you already have the answer.Xiaobian final friendship reminds, whether you brush your teeth or use oral care products, should stick to it, only in this way to effectively protect the oral health of children.