“Winter Olympics” main media center restaurant network celebrity chefs from Guangdong, reporters line up to experience

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Beijing Olympic main media center of the restaurant is Chinese and foreign journalists since the open punch, because there are Olympic history’s first smart restaurants, cooking, malatang, dumplings, intelligent robot all-around, every eat to reporters after the order to video recording their food from the pot to “fly” to the whole process of his head.It’s not even dinner time, but there are already a lot of reporters crowding into the media restaurant to catch a glimpse of the online celebrity chef.It turns out that the web celebrity chef is a well-known enterprises from guangdong customized robot, it can be cooked in 6 delicious dishes, can under the dumplings, wonton, boiled malatang and the flour to make fresh noodles, what is more remarkable, you only need to place an order and sitting in the specified location, the robot can cook good food through the transmission belt “drop” to your table,Fetching food is a matter of “lifting a finger”.According to the staff, the network red chef has been warmly sought after by reporters since the appearance, there are a lot of people come to dinner every day, reporters see in the restaurant, “drunk weng’s meaning is not wine” there are a lot of people in, familiar with the big scene of old memories, have taken out mobile phones and camera equipment, dinner, work.Boiled dumplings need 8 minutes, wonton 6 minutes, 4 minutes malatang, reporter order ordered a dumpling, robot is received after placing orders, will remove food from the refrigerator with transmission belt, and then place together with mechanical arm, pour into the pot, cooked and then pour into a bowl, a set of action is very smooth, delicious dumplings.”On New Year’s Eve, there were so many journalists waiting in line for dinner that at one point they had to wait an hour for dumplings.”The staff introduced that.In consideration of venue size, debugging time and cleanliness, six dumpling cooking stoves and eight malatang cooking stoves have been installed for the Beijing Winter Olympics, and robot chefs can work at the same time.Article/Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City reporter Sun Jiahui Bai Zhi plot/Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City reporter Li Bo video/Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City reporter Bai Zhibiao Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City editor Du Juan