Premium 30 times!A pier hard to get fire to cross border circle!You have to understand the logic behind it

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With the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics in full swing and the success of the Chinese national team, Chinese sellers on overseas e-commerce platforms have also enjoyed a “good start” to 2022.The $9.99- $11.99 Ice Key chain was the # 1 Best Seller on Amazon in the US, #BingDwenDwen was trending on Twitter, and sales on Japanese ecommerce sites and Amazon’s UK site were strong.According to a Weibo user, “More than 10 foreign friends around me have been asking him for help to buy an ice Dwen dwen, because it seems that they can not buy one overseas.” Bingdwen Dwen has become the “top trend” of the Winter Olympics.In the face of such explosive products, many sellers want to share a piece of the action, but as the winter Olympics surrounding, copyright is unavoidable, there is authorization to sell.Although many sellers may not be able to catch the wave, as the saying goes, “business vision must be long-term, need to be good at giving up small profits to achieve greater profits.”Cross-border sellers can get a glimpse of the explosive business opportunities behind bingdundun’s popularity.Ice mound mound behind the opportunity ice mound mound from the very beginning by netizens believe that the “ugly” “pretty silly” to “pretty of” really, let users at home and abroad for its state of chasing the pulled out his wallet, investigate its reason, in addition to winter hot reason, also thanks to the rise of “of economic” “of economy” is the young people at home and abroad a consumption hot spots,The pursuit of secondary yuan, youth, comfort and fashion sense of culture.In 2020, a film called GHOUls Blade swept the globe, leading to a boom in ghouls around the world. T-shirts, hoodies, socks, eye masks, badges, hairpins, perfume, and other casual products are on the market.One chain of convenience stores even sells character related sandwiches, rice ball candy, and everything from food to clothing.A Japanese company sold 400,000 overprinted plastic folders and desk MATS in just a few days.In the upcoming Valentine’s Day promotion, sellers can pay more attention to IP derivatives consumer market, advance stock.Valentine’s Day, the biggest consumer holiday of 2022, will be celebrated in advance. Sellers can choose products based on the following hot trends:The “cute economy” of toys has seen an increase in demand for children and adults alike, including plush dolls, action figures, video game consoles, and holiday-inspired brick flowers and teddy bear bouquets.According to Verified Market Research, the toy market is estimated to reach US $132.1 billion in 2028 with a compound annual growth rate of 4.3% from 2021 to 2028. Toys are one of the most popular categories among overseas users.2. Beauty skin care beauty skin care category by female preference for a long time, not only is a important choice for the male consumer gifts on valentine’s day, one of the brands are introduced in the previous years cooperate festal atmosphere package suits series, such as lipstick colour makeup suits, suit, skin suit, with a high level of gift packaging appearance to attract the attention of consumers.3. The ritual feeling of life department stores’ festivals requires all kinds of decorations, such as lighting, balloons, candles, etc. Affected by the epidemic at home, some consumers will choose handmade gifts or practical products to create warm homes, such as chocolate molds, cooking tools, lazy sofas, lovers’ drinking cups, etc. The demand is also increasing.4. Digital home appliances digital gifts have always been favored by men, and female consumers, starting from it, make mobile phones, game controllers, electric shavers and other high-potential commodities in the near future.Of course, not only men like digital gifts, hair removal machines, curling irons, photo printers and other digital gadgets are also loved by women.Fashion clothing and accessories in the fashion industry have always been the hottest items on Valentine’s Day, including lovers’ shirts, necklaces and watches. The symbolic meaning behind lovers’ products is the focus of consumers, so in addition to the appearance level, the story behind the products is also one of the key points for merchants to create popular styles.