The first 1199 yuan!Pro II launches with improved performance and faster response time

2022-05-22 0 By

Xiaomi e-book products, which have not been updated iteratively for a long time, finally ushered in the update. On March 28, the official website of Xiaomi launched a new generation of e-book: Xiaomi Read more e-book Pro II, and now the pre-sale is also opened, with the initial price of 1199 yuan.From all aspects of the product design, this time online Miui see e-book Pro II can be understood as the previous release of Miui see e-book Pro upgrade, is not a new generation.At the same time, like the e-book on xiaomi’s official website before the launch, the online Xiaomi e-book Pro II is designed by Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise “Ink case Technology”.So, the main content of this article, I will take you to quickly understand the xiaomi to read the e-book book Pro II in the end where the upgrade.Pro II is different from the previous release of the appearance of the book Pro is no change, or the use of flat ink screen design, the main difference is still in the hardware.The screen design of Pro II is as follows:7.8 inches, 1404*1872 resolution, 300PPI, flat glass cover plate, built-in 24-level dual-color temperature front light reading lamp, single screen this piece of parameters, in the current price or close to the price of the electric book, Xiaomi read more electric book Pro II or very advantageous, like some brands of screen only 6 inches.In terms of performance, Xiaomi Pro II is equipped with a high performance and low power consumption 64-bit quad-core processor: RK3566, 2GB+32GB storage combination, while Xiaomi Pro is equipped with a 32-bit quad-core processor:B300, from the 32-bit processor upgrade to the 64-bit processor, so xiaomi read e-book Pro II whether the system response speed, battery performance has been significantly improved, for example: reading content, using Xiaomi read e-book Pro II page turning speed will be faster;The battery life has been improved exponentially.As for the battery capacity, Xiaomi read more electric paper book Pro II did not improve, or 3200mAh.In addition, Xiaomi’s Pro II is deeply customized based on Android 11, while Xiaomi’s Pro is Android 8.1.As for the most important reading content of e-books, Mi read e-books Pro II built-in read, wechat reading, Palm reading selection and JINGdong reading, while the last mi read e-books Pro is only read, wechat reading.In addition, the model shown in this paper is actually Xiaomi reading books Pro, not Xiaomi reading books Pro II, because the appearance has not changed, so it will not be re-shot to show, the most important changes are hardware, reading experience, that is, the internal upgrade.That’s all about Xiaomi’s new e-book Pro II.My personal feeling is that if you currently own the Xiaomi Macbook Pro, and are not deliberately seeking faster response speed, then there is no need to replace the Xiaomi macbook Pro II;If you’re looking for a reasonably priced e-book with a good reading experience, you can’t go wrong with Xiaomi’s E-book Pro II.