Tong Liya: her father let her humble, after marriage tolerance husband derailed, after divorce brave to do their own

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When it comes to the stars that fans hate most, Tong Liya must be on the list.Obviously beautiful cannot square thing, but inferiority to the extreme.Obviously a lot of suitors, but it happened that identified Chen Sicheng this crooked neck tree.The husband after the scandal smiled to forgive, but also for him to play round.And all this misfortune, and her father “women should follow the three moral” education inseparable.Tong Liya in the end why humble to dust?How did she have a new life after divorce?Let us walk into “doormat” tong Liya’s metamorphosis.Tong Liya was born in an artistic family. Her father is the vice chairman of the Musicians’ Association, and her mother is also engaged in art-related work.Perhaps because she was too busy at work, Tong Liya was left at her grandmother’s house when she was very young.Although her parents took her back later, she could not be said to be happy at home.Tong liya also has a younger brother, and in her hometown, the preference for boys over girls is very strong.Boys are more valued at home. Once a daughter gets married, it means she belongs to someone else’s family, and divorce will be looked down upon by others.A long time later, she wrote on her blog: “My uncle said that this is our family cemetery and there is a place for each son and daughter-in-law, but there is no place for me because my future will belong to someone else’s family.”To win her parents’ attention, Tong liya dresses up as a tomboy and hangs out with a group of boys.Up trees, down rivers, catch insects, boys can play, Tong Liya also play.There were no pretty dolls, only earthworms and crickets in the fields.In addition to preferring boys over girls, her parents have always believed in an oppressive education, and no matter how sensible Tong liya is, they will not get a word of praise.When she needs care most, when she needs encouragement most, what she gets is not warmth, but ridicule and indifference.Growing up in such an environment, inferiority has become her character.Influenced by her career, they hope tong will pursue an art-related career in the future.At the age of 12, her parents let her drag a heavy suitcase from her hometown to the remote High school attached to Xinjiang Art Institute.From that moment on, she never enjoyed her parents’ affection again.When the younger brother immersed in their parents’ love, Tong Liya every day from dawn to dusk to dance training, every day to practice enough for 10 hours up.There wasn’t a dry spot on her clothes or a sore spot on her body after training.Young Tong Liya does not understand why her parents love her brother more, but she feels that she is not good enough. If she dances well, she may let her parents like her more.With this idea, Tong Liya in the hard training never drop a tear, than anyone can endure hardship, than anyone can work hard.After hard work day after day, at the age of 15, she won the chance to participate in the 50th anniversary parade with her excellent dancing.On the day of the festival, she dressed in her own national costume and danced on the float.It was the first time in her life that she had traveled so far from home and visited the capital, Beijing.Beijing’s high-rise buildings, red bricks and green tiles, everything is so beautiful, she has never thought there is such a beautiful place in the world, she was deeply shocked.This trip to Beijing planted a small seed in her heart, quietly waiting for it to take root in the future.After returning to her hometown, Tong Liya joined the Xinjiang Song and Dance Troupe and became an official dancer. Her daily life was to practice dancing and perform with the troupe all over Xinjiang.Such a monotonous life lasted for four years, during which Tong Liya could not forget the prosperity of Beijing.Countless midnight dreams, she can always clearly recall in Beijing saw a brick, a tile, a tree.Going to Beijing was her only wish at that time.In 2003, tong Liya, 19, left for Beijing, hoping to make her mark in the city.North drift is never what fairy tale, soon, Beijing to this foreign travelers to a merciless Xiama wei.Two, Tong Liya just came to Beijing, was caught up with the outbreak of SARS, white terror swept the formerly prosperous Beijing.In one instant, all amusement places were closed, all shops were closed.She had hoped to earn some living through her dancing, but now she was stuck in a rented room alone, worrying about rent with a few yuan in her pocket and a bag of naan from Xinjiang.But under, she can only look for some waiters, cashiers work.After a miserable few months in Beijing, Tong began to realize how impossible it was for her to put down roots in the city.Beijing is full of talented people from all over the country.She had no formal education and was sent to dance school as a child.The lack of academic qualifications and cultural knowledge became the first stumbling block for her to make a career in Beijing, and also became her lifelong heart knot.After some consideration, she made a bold decision: I will enter the middle school and go to college.She told her idea to her father back home, and no doubt she got nothing but criticism.”What’s the use of a girl going to college?”Her father had long resented the fact that she had left her iron rice bowl to go to Beijing.In the face of his father’s doubts, she is more iron to prove themselves.With the money she had saved, she quit her job and concentrated on her studies in her rented house.A year later, she was admitted to the Central Opera and became a college student.It was supposed to be the beginning of a happy life, but she suffered more than ever.Tong Liya’s cultural knowledge and basic skills are far inferior to those of her classmates. In order to catch up with them, she needs to pay thousands of times of efforts.She had not been systematically taught Mandarin, and her accent, with its thick hometown accent, was often teased by her classmates: “As if she were going to sell shish kebabs with her next sentence.”Aside from her accent, her looks were not the object of choice for directors at the time.During her college years, she occasionally worked as a walk-on on the production set, but directors were very unhappy with her alien appearance.Either he called her thin and dark, or he told her to give up acting.Also thought to give up, but she had no choice but this road.Repeatedly hit a wall, repeatedly hit a wall……Finally, in 2006, she made her debut in A New Bond.Zhao Feiyan in 2008’s The Mother Of Heaven and Nian Suyan in Palace Lock Heart Jade. Over the years, her acting career has gradually been on the right track, and finally reached its peak in 2010.It was also the year she met the man she thought was right.Unlike tong Liya’s oppressive education, Chen sicheng was held by his parents from an early age.With his rich family and his parents’ love, Chen Sicheng could not get anything when he was young.As long as he wants to learn, as long as he wants, parents will meet him, and never stingy praise for their son.Chen revealed that he always felt good about himself as a child and thought he was particularly beautiful.When he was 16 years old with the first result of the professional examination into the drama, he is more feel handsome and talented, self-styled “the most handsome director”.Under the escort of parents, his way better than Tong Liya do not know how much.While Tong Liya was still struggling to make a living in Beijing, he had already made his debut film.Tong liya was nominated for The Cannes Film Festival for Soldiers Onslaught when she was mocked for her accent in college.Their life paths are so different, but because of a Beijing Love Story, there is an intersection.In 2010, Chen Sicheng was struggling with the casting of Beijing Love Story.He is used to seeing the delicate girls, so that when tong Liya with a rough sense, plain sense of the emergence, he immediately decided to let her as his heroine, and his play together this pair of north drift lovers.Tong Liya, 27, reached the peak of her acting career when she shot to fame with the TV series in 2012.Fans later dubbed her “the first period beauty” after revealing her in other shows.And she also by virtue of excellent appearance, by eye extremely difficult tiger pu net friends recognized as one of the entertainment circle ten beauty, a vote a vote to send her to the third tiger pu goddess throne.While Internet users were overwhelmed by her beauty, she was not, and on various talk shows she showed a low self-esteem that was completely different from her appearance.She never felt that she was beautiful, even if the net friend praised the sky, she only thought it was to comfort her words.With some difficulty in getting her to accept that she was pretty, she added, “But I have nothing but beauty.”The lack of cultural knowledge has always been a difficulty in her mind.In short, she spent those years in a state of uncertainty.Chen Sicheng received systematic education, read two books, and young and promising, who is more confident, even can be said to be narcissistic.2 people pat teleplay together, Chen Sicheng spread out crazy pursuit to Tong Liya.Tong liya did not intend to accept him at first, one of the reasons was that he was too good for him.Pass Yang Mi enligh10, Tong Liya still accepted Chen Sicheng’s feeling, opened this paragraph of subterranean amour.Chen Sicheng side never lack female companion, he and Tong Liya together also did not think publicly.Until two people together on the program, the extreme lack of security tong Liya took the initiative to open the relationship between the two people.Standing in the side of Chen Sicheng obviously did not expect her this move, immediately face changed, reluctantly embraced Tong Liya, wipe the symbolic tears, unwilling simply overflow the screen.After four years together, they got married.Under the influence of male superiority and female inferiority, Tong Liya’s father earnestly advised his daughter on the program: “To the Chen family to do more work, take care of them.”The tone was extremely humble.And Tong Liya also listened to his father’s words, and try to do a good girl like Chen Sicheng.Their two people’s feelings are obviously not optimistic by the outside world, two people announced the news of marriage that day, tiger attack netizens have brushed post “take his wife hate not to wear a day together”.Major media also in the two newlyweds, chasing Tong Liya asked “Chen Sicheng derailed how to do?”In the face of these problems, Tong Liya put all the responsibility of the other side of the affair on their own: “I will be good performance, and then fight for.””I will adjust my condition quickly.”He even ended by saying humbly, “If only he could come home.”When two people quarrel, Tong Liya will not wait for Chen Sicheng to coax himself, on the contrary, she will first go to apologize to each other.Compared with Tong Liya’s humble, Chen Sicheng’s words and deeds again and again let people refresh three views.He once shared in an interview with people in China and North Korea about his cigarette burn and accidentally scalding Tong Liya. His tone was not a bit painful, and he even said “very interesting”.Just married less than a month, he said publicly in the interview “who will cheat”, to the male’s bad habits to explain this behavior, a person on behalf of all men in the world, regardless of their next to tong Liya in what situation.Later, he publicly criticized the modern institution of marriage and advocated ancient polygamy.That’s what he said, and he did.Chen Sicheng has always been a romantic childe before marriage, after marriage also did not slightly convergence, instead because of a person who wipe his ass and more zhang Fanatics.Married not half a year, Chen Sicheng night beauty was caught by paparazzi.The woman leaned on Chen’s shoulder affectionately and walked arm in arm into an apartment, where the couple stayed alone for more than six hours.As soon as the incident was exposed, Tong Liya defended Chen sicheng online.Chen apparently didn’t appreciate Tong’s generosity, and just a few months later, he was directly exposed as two cheating partners.One of them even posted intimate photos of the couple on social media, not mentioning their wives.Even when Tong Liya was pregnant, he did not show any restraint.Later, Chen sicheng was reported to have a night meeting with two women in a hotel and the three of them played mahjong together for three hours before leaving.It was the last straw that broke their marriage.Four, for Chen Sicheng’s various behaviors, Tong Liya’s fans see in the eye anxious in the heart.As soon as the news broke, Tong’s fans stormed Chen’s comments section on Weibo, along with a torrent of abuse from tong’s father, who had told his daughter to “do a good job”.After Chen Sicheng’s affair was exposed, Tong Liya’s father did not say anything, nor did he publicly support his daughter.Instead, shortly after the incident, he liked a weibo post urging patience.The operation of Tong Liya’s father surprised fans, and emotional netizens directly scolded “straight male cancer”.When a fan commented on his son-in-law’s infidelity, he jumped to his feet and wished his father death through clenched teeth.Everyone knows tong Liya’s marriage is not happy, only tong Liya a person does not know.Perhaps the derailment of several times finally cool her heart, perhaps she finally realized that his humble change does not come to the other side’s compassion.She focused on her work and forced herself to stop thinking about the bad things.In 2017, Chen Sicheng was scolded all over the body by the night club two women scandal, Tong Liya changed her cowardly and humble past, posted a “fresh start” dynamic in moments of friends.Because Chen Sicheng likes long hair, her long hair has not changed for decades.Now, she has decided to cut off her hair, stunning the crowd with a short, clean cut.That same year, she hit the top of her career again with Living Together.”I am the most beautiful in the world”, a direct hit list hot search.In 2019, she danced in a full house at the National Center for the Performing Arts dressed in white and pure.In 2020, she wore a bright red dress and performed on the Spring Festival Gala.”Favorite Actress”, “Best Actress in a TV Series”……She won another heavy cup with sassy short hair, and then 520 this day, chic announced divorce happy news.After the divorce, she took part in the theater, danced, partied with friends, and flourished in her favorite field. The whole person was in perfect condition.At the age of 38, she is holding the cake and her eyes are shining. She is no longer the “angry daughter-in-law” she used to be.She brushed off her ex-husband’s birthday greetings with a polite and distant “thank you.”She actively devoted herself to public welfare and became the Ambassador of China cotton public welfare promotion.She actively promotes her hometown, sharing her hometown food on weibo, and participating in the documentary “I come from Xinjiang” as the producer.”I just hope I can give them a little bit more perspective, a little bit more perspective,” she says.Tong Liya tells us with her own experience that marriage is not the only possibility in life, and every girl deserves a better life.