Wuxi Yangshan Peach Farmers launched peach blossom cultural and creative products to promote the deep integration of rural culture and tourism

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China News Jiangsu News on March 29 (reporter Sun Quan)Mention of “China’s peach town” Wuxi Yangshan, people often think of juicy sweet peach first.Before the peach hit the market, the peach blossoms in yangshan’s 10,000-mu peach forest also attracted many visitors to enjoy the spring scenery.Local peach farmers in Yangshan are launching cultural and creative products related to peach blossom at the right time.Peach blossom tea cake.”This year, our cultural creation product is peach blossom tea cake.To make the tea cakes, we pick peach blossom petals released in early March, which are sun-dried, steamed, fried, pressed and then pressed into cakes.”As a new generation of peach farmers, Yu Wei, who is in charge of the Taoli Small Courtyard in Yangshan, told reporters that the peach blossom tea made into tea cakes has bright colors and strong fragrance, and can be used as decorations or as gifts for others.Cultural and creative products launched by “Tao Li Xiaoyuan”.Sun Quan explained yu Wei, the reason to make tea cakes, mainly because usually drink herbal tea, storage in bulk short shelf life, and fragrance is easy to lose.If you make tea cakes, this problem will be solved.Making peach blossom tea is not a “brain boom”.Yu Wei said, ancient people long ago to understand the value of peach blossom, “Daughter of gold prescription” records that “peach blossom three, empty stomach drink, narrow waist.”Cultural and creative products and peach blossom “photo”.Sun Quan photograph Yu Wei said, in addition to peach blossom tea cake, their future will also focus on the characteristics of peach township, and then do some related cultural and creative products, in the promotion of hometown at the same time, but also hope that more people can pay attention to the creative from the countryside.Visitors display ornaments associated with peach blossoms.Sun Quan around the peach blossom theme, Yangshan in recent years also have a lot of cultural products have been launched.For example, there are mellow peach blossom brew, delicious peach blossom cake, refreshing peach blossom tea, and peach blossom tears shaped like amber (peach glue).The launch of these cultural and creative products has not only won the recognition of the market, but also accelerated the pace of local cultural and tourism integration.(End) Declaration: This article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com