“Enjoy your Growth Plan” Double Chery will give you the longest love care

2022-05-23 0 By

Chery’s “Happy Growth Plan” has served tens of thousands of Chery owners since it was launched in June, 21. This good welfare like “old friend” care not only brings solid discounts to old owners, but also dispelling new owners’ doubts about future maintenance.The vehicle accompanies the owner every day to travel, and it is the consistent appeal of the owner to spend as little money and energy on maintenance as possible.At the beginning of the Year of the Tiger, Chery’s “Joy enjoy growth plan” for old car owners has been upgraded again. Xiabian learned that since February 18, the “Joy enjoy” activity has unexpected surprises.The old owners will receive invitation messages, the car age of more than 3 years old owners in chery automobile 4S shop maintenance, oil, working hours can enjoy 60% off!(Excluding accident car).Service upgrade, preferential upgrade, this spring, car together hui can not be missed!Ms. Zhang, the owner of Erizze, said that she had been driving this car for 3 years, and the quality of the car was stable as always, but she was not willing to go to the 4S shop for occasional small problems, and more often, several problems were dealt with together.With the launch of Chery’s “Happy growth plan”, important maintenance expenses will be easy, problems can be solved at any time, so that the car regardless of age and mileage, the state is still the same as before.Recently, some areas still have heavy snow.Hebei chery car owner Mr Li said, snow, icy roads has some influence on their vehicles status, years and children need frequent car to go to school to work, for the sake of safety, he sent his tiger 8 to the depth of 4 s shop to do the maintenance and after-sales personnel not only warm reception he, at the same time professional vehicle problems quickly and replace the accessories,Finally, we also enjoy a cost-effective oil and labor discount.Their car is back to full state, driving more and more handy.Mr. Zhu from Anhui province is a college student who just graduated last year. After entering the workplace, his company is far away from home. He has been thinking about buying a car.After comparing several potential models and services, Zhu finally brought the Tiger 8 PLUS home.He said that besides the powerful power and performance of the Tiger 8 PLUS, the “Joy enjoy” campaign also saves a lot of maintenance costs, making it a good choice for young people.Chery’s “Happy Growth Plan” can be said to be a regular physical examination for the vehicle, which not only helps the old car owners to master the state of the vehicle at any time, so that the vehicle is always online and performs as new, but also a maintenance commitment for the new car owners. No matter when and where, Chery is always there!Chery old friends, not as exciting as action, what are you waiting for, come and join our “happy growth plan”!In the future, Chery service will continue to innovate and make breakthroughs in user retention, user activity, user satisfaction and other aspects, and constantly improve the service experience standard and service quality, so as to bring comfortable and satisfying car use experience to every user and accompany users in all scenarios.(A small program has been added here, please go to the Understand Car emperor client to view)