Kuaishou Industry Map | Uncertain work and rest, uncertain whereabouts, more than 300 days a year on the road……Do you know anything about the life of a “modern nomad”?

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With more than 300 days a year on the road, this group is known as the “modern nomads.””Card friends”, “travel north and south” is their friends call “code”, they are elusive, do not return home for a long time, heavy physical burden, irregular work and rest, to face physical strength, skills, psychological and other multiple tests……They are truck drivers, who use trucks to transport goods to their destinations and support the functioning of society.What are their lives like?This edition of quick hand industry map, yangtse Evening News reporter took you into the life of a truck driver.”Yesterday we delivered the goods to Anhui. Today we will haul a batch of goods to Kunming. Then we will load another batch of goods and send them to Hainan.”This is the daily life of post-80s truck driver Zhang Wei and his wife Zhang Yan.Running across the country, never knowing where the next stop would be.Zhang yan and her husband are from Lianyungang, Jiangsu province, and have been driving trucks for nine years.”The elderly take care of the children, and the two of us are out driving, more than 300 days a year.When I’m busy, I can’t go home for two or three months.”Zhang yan told reporters that truck drivers can’t take care of their families, but luckily there are elderly people to take care of the children.Survey data show that 37.3 percent of truck drivers work more than 12 hours a day on average, and nearly 40 percent of truck drivers do not work one day a month.The intense work made it impossible to spend time with family.Truck drivers need faster reflexes, superior driving skills, and a high level of concentration while on the road.”I also got a B2 driver’s license. My husband and I take turns driving and take care of each other.”Zhang yan told reporters that the truck driver “took his home on the road,” eating and drinking on the road.”A wife who accompanies her husband in a sports car is called a ‘kaesao’ in our industry.”About 30 percent of truck drivers cook meals on board.To make her time on the road more lively, Zhang modified her truck.Purple cattle journalist zhang yan of yangtse evening post quickly accounts (truck life on the tip of the tongue: group manager) see, she had a rotating seat, the main location in the middle of the position into a lifting table, seat back into a telescopic bed, bed have all kinds of sauce POTS and pans, etc., have a socket, small refrigerator, lithium-ion batteries, seat and tap.Suitable for “do not get out of the car to cook”;She also converted the truck’s storage section into another kitchenette, which she uses to “cook big meals” while parking.Many netizens and truck drivers admire her life in Kuaishou, saying that she has turned a truck into an “rv”.”Cooking in the car is to save time and cost.”Zhang yan said that irregular eating and overwork can easily lead to health problems.”Drive well, eat well, you will struggle for a longer time.”Through Kuaishou, they can learn about life in different industries and become a new discovery for fans.Truck drivers are predominantly male, and data from Kuaishou platform show that less than 5 percent of truck driver creators are female.The age range is from the post-60s to post-00s, among which the post-80s are the backbone of truck drivers.China has more than 20 million truck drivers, with 57.5 percent earning between 5,000 and 10,000 yuan a month on average, and 32.7 percent earning more than 10,000 yuan, according to the 2021 Truck Driver Employment Status Survey report.Zhang Yan told reporters that he and her husband take turns driving, people do not stop parking, safer, two people than a person more efficient, a little more relaxed.”I had cooked the meal while my husband watched the workers loading the truck, and I had navigated my destination by the time he got in the car.”She said.When they couldn’t get goods, the truck would “lie down,” using the time to rest and regroup.Reporters see, a lot of truck drivers in their spare time will send fast video record life.One truck driver said kuaishou’s friends had helped the car on its long, lonely journey.”If you don’t know the way, you can send a quick handout and local fans can see it and provide driving directions.””When I run qingtibetxian, my fans can follow my camera and ride in the cloud.”Zhang Yan started to play Kuaishou in 2018. She showed her experience and skills in kuaishou and shared her happiness in work, making many friends.The truck driver was also touched by the fans, Zhang said.”We have been busy for some time, so we didn’t keep up with updates. Many fans sent us private messages asking if we were safe and if we should call the police.”Zhang yan was very touched, “sometimes updating videos is to report safety.”Truckers are also creating a new image.Quick hand is an important way for them to break the prejudice.Reporters saw that during the epidemic, many drivers became volunteers to help transport supplies.Zhang yan’s husband, Zhang Wei, is a former soldier, and they have been involved in transporting supplies.”Kuaishou provides us with a platform for emotional support between our card friends and fans, and enables us to discover more about the meaning and mission of our career.”Kuaishou is an ‘expanded circle of friends’ for many truck drivers, Ms. Zhang said.With the will to fight fatigue, with the wheel to catch up with time.Truckers support society by breaking the physical boundaries of distance and space. They also connect on mobile Internet screens, adding genuine emotion to a long, lonely career journey.Yangtse Evening News/Purple Cow news reporter Li Chong proofread Xu Heng