“Mirror Twin Cities” yellow face exposure, is seven thousand years ago star honor king, because of love hate by god control

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Li Yifeng, Chen Yuqi starred in the TV series “mirror Twin Cities” has been updated to 30 sets, and in the new story su Mo, White Maya, true Haze and others ready to leave Nine Yi Mountain, but white Maya was caught by the feather magic set, appeared in the mirror tower.As for Sumo falling into a coma under the flower tree, the reaction of the splinter is too serious.The audience was very excited when they saw White, unexpectedly white “Ah Wei”.And later as the soma consciousness appeared on white Ying avoid light bead, just pretend to don’t know, close to avoid light bead, soma is finally just to see the person face, he incredibly long and true arashi is very similar to that of accurate said that he is really after arashi aging appearance, soma is then with the help of a white Ying, out of the mouth of the just is a lot of messages.Live seven thousand years, A WEI left him twice, once living in the blue sea, once is dead, these messages in series together, the true identity has come out, he is seven thousand years ago star king, true arashi ancestors.But it is puzzling that since this is true Arashi ancestors, the former founder of empty mulberry emperor, why also help cang flow to destroy empty mulberry?From the perspective of a rather cool to get news, surging flow received mysterious for hundreds of years earlier, the rapid rise of the five divisions have not old appearance, more than one hundred years they have not the age, appearance and soma contact before qing wang Chen appearance of aging, so guess it is probably just above the mirror tower to the effect of drugs,It can be seen that the kenji who helps Cangliu destroy Empty Sang is the kenji who is also the king of Star Zunwang.He help of surging flow empty mulberry collapse, the answer is not hard to find, his body there are another consciousness, and from just see true haze and structure.baiwei’s reaction, both for the body of the initiative of fierce competition, in accordance with the original description of the novel, actually control on star king body another consciousness is the consciousness of the god,This god of destruction is arguably one of the most powerful gods in the whole cloud wasteland.Warning about star statue of king, structure.baiwei, pure bright enmity also appear in front of everyone, star statue of the king because of jealousy pure bright, think structure.baiwei like is pure bright, so the rate of soldiers out of sealand, and used the monarch heavenly sword, struck pure bright, will also structure.baiwei queen also to kill, he didn’t leave the broken pieces back together forever silence this four word.Both his beloved and his most hated rival were dead, which is probably why he left the words “mountains and rivers are silent forever.”And star king was set up to fail his empty mulberry, on the one hand is to create a more powerful empty mulberry, on the one hand, is in order to revenge, to his ability, it is easy to know became white Ying structure.baiwei reincarnation, as for LAN and soma is more and more than seven thousand years ago and pure bright look is same, it is the most suitable for hand for his age,He secretly layout is to play true haze, Baiwei and Su Mo, let them also taste their own pain said.Star king finally exposed the true colors, the next is to save the dragon god, and then deal with the star king of the drama, looking forward to the follow-up story of the update.