The five best universities of the Ministry of Railways are the “iron rice bowl” after graduation from the Railway Administration.

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You need to find a stable job. I think you should know something about it. This is the only job you will have after graduation, but you can find a stable job after you get out of Jiaotong University.Therefore, whether they are college students or junior college students, many people want to apply for railway major, and teachers recommend them to choose railway major. In this way, who can find a job in the Ministry of Railways?First, Beijing Jiaotong University is a national key university subordinate to the Ministry of Education and jointly established by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Communications. In addition, the Ministry of Railways of China, Beijing and The Ministry of Railways of China are also national universities.Shijiazhuang Railway University is also composed of four parties, including the Ministry of Education. In addition to the Government and the Commission of Science and Technology for National Defense, it also has four disciplines: traffic engineering, mechanical design, manufacturing and automation.Thirdly, as a well-known railway university in the three northeastern provinces, DJTU is not only a university jointly established by the Liaoning Provincial government and China Railway Group Corporation, but also a key university in Liaoning Province, among which mechanical engineering, automation and civil engineering are all national universities.As a 985211 university, SOUTHWEST Jiaotong University is directly under the Ministry of Education. There is no doubt about the employment rate of graduates.Fifth, east China Railway Group, railway and provincial government jointly set up colleges and universities, among which, the state focuses on the development of civil engineering and automatic control.What are the jobs in the railway university?Career development is clear, railway and computer are good choices, depending on your occupation.What are the requirements to be a Railway academy?How many in all?First, educational admission to the railway can usually be conducted in high school or middle school, without necessarily having to graduate from university, but with more benefits.Secondly, the recruitment of high-speed railway companies is also limited by height, there are usually 162 girls and 173 boys, just like the conductors on high-speed trains or trains, they are usually the same and not too tall.Third, other circumstances: the exposed skin shall not have burns, scalds, tattoos and other scars, color blindness, no infectious diseases or genetic diseases.Fourth, lineal relatives do not have any criminal record, you can say English fluently English requirement, also can contact with some foreigners, in addition, Chinese must reach a certain level, and to qualify for a university admit fractional line, are generally above the critical value, the lowest score in 400, college.Admission instructions on the railway.First of all, each university should pay a fee, although the cost is not high, but in general, do you have to pay more than $4000 a year, usually, the more good university, cost will be a little high, in addition to the academy of fine arts, many ordinary families, they value most is the cost of education, rather than the development in the future.Second, to the comprehensive strength of the schools have a roughly understanding, now on the market there are a lot of railway institute, the employment situation is good, but also have good jobs, strong comprehensive strength, more suitable for the college to enter oneself for an examination, the future development is also quite good, usually by the Ministry of Education or subordinate colleges and universities from the ministry of railways, suit to enter oneself for an examination.Are you satisfied with what they enter oneself for an examination professional, railway class professional generally on the high side, the mechanics department and DianNaoXi is more suitable for men, women are more suitable for the ground service industry, the demand is not high, more suitable for girls, but to remind, there is no women enter oneself for an examination mechanics department, it is not appropriate, and difficult to learn, on the one hand, women in the university is difficult to obtain employment,So it is not recommended that women register for the department of mechanics.Railway major is the most ideal occupation, after graduation stable job, there is a corresponding department, and ordinary graduates, can also work in the railway bureau, a bright future, as long as they can successfully complete their studies, they can successfully complete their studies.No matter whether candidates want to apply for railway majors, or hope for better development in the future, as long as they meet their own conditions, they should carefully choose their own majors.What do you think of train work in the future?Welcome to leave a message.