The latest authoritative response to some questions about the China Eastern crash is here

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March 26, China Eastern airlines plane crash into the sixth day of handling.The National Emergency Response Headquarters of China Eastern Airlines has held several press conferences to give authoritative explanations and responses to the public’s concerns and questions.Search and rescue workers at the site of the accident in Beijing, Capital of China, March 26, 2019.All aboard China Eastern Airlines Flight MU5735 have been killed, the country’s emergency response headquarters confirmed Sunday evening after six days of all-out search and rescue efforts.Does the aircraft meet airworthiness requirements?The plane was more than six years old, and some netizens thought it was too old.Zhang Qihuai, a researcher at the Aviation and Space Law Research Center of China University of Political Science and Law, who has participated in the search and investigation of the crash site, said that more than six years is not long.In human terms, the plane is in the “prime of life” stage.Sun Shiying, chairman and party secretary of Cea Yunnan Co., LTD, said the aircraft was imported on June 22, 2015, and the maintenance of the aircraft has been carried out in strict accordance with the maintenance technical plan, and the technical situation is stable and normal.Before take-off, the aircraft shall meet the maintenance release standards and airworthiness requirements and be released normally.Is the route weather good for flying?”At the time of the crash, the weather on the route was seaworthy and there was no hazardous weather.”Sun shi-ying said.Are airlines squeezing maintenance costs?There are rumors on the Internet that China Eastern airlines strictly controls maintenance costs and pressure drop costs under huge pressure, believing that the crash is related to China Eastern Airlines reducing aircraft maintenance costs.On March 24, rescuers continued their search work at the core of the accident.Liu Xiaodong, director of the Publicity Department of China Eastern Airlines Group, said that in order to ensure safety, the maintenance cost of China Eastern Airlines did not decrease, and actually increased. In 2021, the maintenance cost increased by 12% compared with 2019. Relevant data are open and documented.Liu xiaodong said that after the accident, China Eastern grounded all its Boeing 737-800 aircraft and carried out safety inspections, sorting out a 36-item self-inspection list and developing special safety control measures for flight, aircraft maintenance, transportation control and air defense systems.At present, all aircraft in operation meet the safety airworthiness standards of CAAC, and the suspended aircraft are inspected and maintained with the highest safety standards to ensure their airworthiness.Whether to bypass Boeing’s own maintenance “fork”?Recently, there were rumors on the Internet that China Eastern Airlines had independently repaired the “pickle fork” of the 737-800, which was speculated to be related to the accident.Liu responded that in early October 2019, following a safety alert from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Boeing conducted an emergency inspection of an assembly connecting the fuselage and wing of its 737NG aircraft, known as the “pickle fork”, involving thousands of registered aircraft worldwide with serial numbers.Among them, 1 aircraft of China Eastern Yunnan Co., LTD., China Eastern Technical Yunnan Branch, under the cooperation and authorization of Boeing, conducted professional maintenance, and fully met the requirements of civil aviation airworthiness.The aircraft was withdrawn from the fleet on 8 September 2020.The B1791 aircraft in the accident, only 6.8 years old, a total of 8,986 flights, did not meet the aircraft airworthiness directive standards in the “fork” parts of the most strict maintenance standard — 22,600 flights.The aircraft involved in the accident does not involve the maintenance of this component.Is the driver inexperienced?General flight operation for the crew requirements, the lowest is two, namely responsible captain and the first co-pilot.The captain in charge is responsible for the safety of the entire flight, and the first copilot coordinates with the captain to complete the flight tasks.The third is the second officer trainee, not a necessary member of the crew, as an observer, can help him build flying experience, increase flying experience.”The three flight crew members of the plane are the captain, the co-pilot and the flight trainee.”Eastern airlines customer committee general manager shangguan Snow min said.Sun said the three pilots’ licenses and health certificates were valid, and they were in good health and had complete flight experience, which met the requirements of the bureau.The total flight time of the three was 6,709 hours, 31,769 hours and 556 hours respectively.Did the plane ever hang out the 7500 emergency code?Mr Liu said communications had been normal before the flight disappeared.In other words, the crew didn’t hang out any emergency codes.It is understood that the civil aviation industry from 0000 to 7777 numbers, choose 4096 numbers, to represent the different situations encountered in the flight.For example, 7,500 means “hijacked” and 7,600 means “communication failure”.MAO Yanfeng, director of the civil Aviation Accident investigation Center, said that according to the records of the air-to-ground communication between the crew and the air traffic control unit, the plane had maintained normal communication with the air traffic control unit from the time the plane took off from Kunming until it suddenly dropped altitude on the way.Did the nose drop straight down to the ground?Aiming at the spread of the Internet the plane finally video head straight down at the ground, says Zhu Tao, director of the office of civil aviation safety as the aircraft accident investigation is highly professional and systematic of technical work, investigators need with technical experts and relevant units in harmony, to the whole, clarify the facts.Were explosives detected at the scene of the accident?Reporters learned from the press conference on 26, the physical and chemical laboratory has accepted 66 samples, completed 41 tests, none of the common inorganic explosives main ion components, also no common organic explosives components.Will passenger manifest information be made public?According to Liu xiaodong, passenger lists of all flights are private information protected by law and are not subject to voluntary disclosure.”We believe that according to domestic and international practice, whether or not to disclose should be subordinated to the urgent need of searching passengers and contacting their families.”China Eastern airlines has provided the investigation team with a complete passenger list and contacted all the families of the passengers within 24 hours after the incident, it said.”We also fully respect the privacy of passengers and the wishes of families and comply with the law.”Liu xiaodong said.When will the investigation of the accident be concluded?As for when the first black box (cockpit voice recorder) found on the afternoon of 23 will be repaired and relevant data will be given, MAO yanfeng said that the data download of the recorder will usually encounter three situations: first, the recorder is not damaged at all;Second, the recorder is damaged, but the state of the data storage unit is intact;Third, memory chips are damaged.Rescue workers carry the wreckage of a plane at the site of the accident in Beijing, Capital of China, March 25, 2019.According to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, preliminary reports should be sent to relevant countries and the international Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) within 30 days of the incident and should be sent in ICAO working languages, including Chinese and English, MAO said.According to China’s civil aviation regulations, the Civil Aviation Administration should submit a preliminary investigation report to THE INTERNATIONAL Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) within 30 days after the accident.The investigation team will carry out the accident investigation in accordance with the relevant requirements of the above-mentioned domestic regulations and international conventions.Don’t give up!MU5735 search will continue on the evening of March 26, “3·21” China Eastern Airlines FLIGHT MU5735 accident national emergency response command confirmed that China Eastern Airlines flight MU5735 123 passengers and 9 crew members ‌‌ have all died today MU5735 victims of the first seven memorial service for our MU5735 victims and MU573 in silence5 the search will continue to command the deputy commander in chief, deputy director of the civil aviation administration zhen-jiang hu said ‌ ‌ subsequent ‌ ‌ will further intensify the scene of the accident to search for remains of continue to look for the victims and the wreckage ‌ ‌ seriously do a good job in the aftermath of the victims and properly at the same time as of March 26, 12 headquarters has dispatched rescuers 10723 although the rainFactors such as the rescue work is so hard but no one give up hope at the scene of the rescue, rescuers on the back: “never give up” to “overcome” the “best” said they wanted to give yourself strength through this way, to reassure them hard, all rescuers also please you must pay attention to safety source: Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily WeChat, dissemination in China