3 things that hurt your neck that you probably do every day

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Where is the human body most vulnerable?Most in need of protection?Cervical must have name who released the world’s ten biggest disease of cervical spondylosis second cervical vertebra is bad mostly elderly people natural aging or cervical spine injury and most young people have to cervical spondylosis is to let his under age shouldn’t bear the pain of cervical spine are teenagers and office workers in recent years, according to data of cervical spondylosis patients under the age of a surge in the number of 30 percentage than 3Patients aged 0-50 were 22% higher, but no matter how old they were, the comfortable days of cervical spondylosis were over. Although in order to prevent the cervical vertebra from being “destroyed”, these guys made a lot of efforts to lower their heads, exercise, and hang their necks, they also proved that too much exertion was not a good thing.Neck bow to play for a long time, a 70 – year – old cell phone is one of the main culprit upright young cervical spine injury when cervical just weight 4.5 ~ 5.4 kg in a relaxed state at this time as the head bending Angle, the greater the pressure on the cervical spine and so a lot of cervical spondylosis of reserve players remember not bowed their heads and the greater the mission have been put on the cervical vertebra and the safety lock yourself this artifact in bowed their heads and family very muchPop on a treasure of the best-selling models in sales can reach tens of thousands of pen down artifact namely simple version of the role of cervical TuoHu limited without any treatment effect as a gesture to remind can use for a long time is bad for muscle relaxation is too tight also easy to oppress the chest and bruised tissue increase the risk of injury the same have been days of cervical massage instrument appearance resembles way hang neck type bluetooth headset can be mainlyThrough vibration tapping promote neck blood circulation, relieve neck discomfort but it can only play a soothing effect cannot massage treatment of cervical spondylosis and does not apply to everyone bonesetting party sedentary work 8 hours to massage shop is bonesetting is a popular leisure listen bones extended kaka as feel far from cervical spondylosis and the step but massage cervical vertebra have risks, especially the neck of the spinBonesetting may be cool,But too much bye pull joints can aggravate the wear accelerated degeneration of cervical vertebra cervical spine so want to go to the bonesetting had better take an X-ray diagnosis by professional doctor first park fitness in the wild party in the neck guard the above two kinds of people are just ordinary players really reached the level of king was in the park this help uncle aunt they make full use of the park fitness equipment to reshape their skeletal muscle even the insides of 360 degreesRotating human helios car double inverted gold hook one of the most outrageous or hanging neck fitness method.Assault delete) can exercise its people firmly believe that through traction training repair of cervical vertebra disease but, in fact, many doctors have said publicly hung neck fitness may even lead to serious damage to nerve and spinal cord directly paraplegic right neck guard guide before that we can through the method of four simple self-test if feel pain during the test of cervical health smoothly or not will have to noteMeans to prevent cervical spondylosis neck guard guide 1: often do fuck sedentary 30 to 40 minutes of m proposal to exercise m word fuck a neck brace guide 2: is a good choice to keep correct posture neck guard guide 3: rationally sports swimming is of great help to protect the cervical vertebra can enhance the strength and the strength of the neck muscles to improve the stability of the cervical neck guard guide 4:Often eat calcium supplements calcium is an important ingredient to maintain bone health usually can be obtained from these high calcium food part of the vegetable calcium content is also very high we do not miss the last, nine uncle would like to say so many neck protection tips the most effective or these three words reference materials: [1] Wu GUI Jie.These little knowledge of cervical spondylosis, let’s understand it together [N]. Public Health Journal,2020-04-23(013).[2] Ye Yong.Don’t let tension cause cervical spondylosis [N]. Health Journal,2020-04-17(004).[3] Zhang Qinghua.Prevention and nursing of cervical spondylosis [N]. Public Health Journal,2020-04-14(015) source: 39 health network