A preliminary report on the China Eastern crash will be completed within 30 days, and one of the black boxes has been sent to Washington

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“In 31 March 21” eastern MU5735 aircraft accident state emergency headquarters 10 news conference, director of office of civil aviation safety Zhu Tao introduced as rescue work draws to a close, has entered the stage of technical analysis and investigation, according to the international convention on civil aviation accessories and our country civil aviation rules and requirements,A preliminary report will be completed within 30 days of the incident, and the full report will be released to the public once the full investigation is completed.The investigation will follow the principles of objectivity, fairness and scientific rigor, and not let go of any doubt to find out the cause of the accident, restore the truth of the accident and prevent similar accidents from happening again.According to the Washington Post on April 2, one of the black boxes from the China Eastern Airlines flight MU5735 that crashed on March 21 has been sent to Washington, DC, for help in retrieving data.Meanwhile, an investigation team from the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has also left for China.The Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR), which was sent to Washington, records conversations between the flight crew and those on the ground, as well as the Cockpit sounds, according to the report.Separately, the NTSB said it was helping the Civil Aviation Administration of China “assist in downloading data from the cockpit voice recorder from the Lab in Washington,” Reuters reported.Meanwhile, an NTSB investigation team left for China on April 1, local time, to assist in the investigation.The NTSB also confirmed on Twitter that they will be able to start work without quarantine, but will strictly follow China’s quarantine rules and strictly limit contact with people outside the investigation., according to the bank of China insurance regulatory commission website “3 · 21” eastern MU5735 aviation aircraft after the accident, the party committee attaches great importance to the Chinese silver circ, immediate action, for the first time set up a special working team guidance as a whole, the associated silver protects inspect bureau and rapid response, timely follow up the insurance company, to provide insurance claims service related work.The next day, the CBRC issued a Notice on The Insurance Claim Service of China Eastern Airlines Crash accident, which deployed the industry to proactively check the information of underwriting customers, fully respect the wishes of family members, establish a green channel for claim settlement, and strictly prohibit speculation on the occasion.On March 22, the China Banking Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBRC) instructed major aircraft fuselage insurers to pay compensation in advance.On March 23, PICC prepaid 50 million yuan to China Eastern Airlines.Current, relevant insurance company already made reparation pay preparation work, inside contract responsibility limits, should compensate compensate all compensate quick compensate.As of March 29, the property insurance companies underwriting the fuselage of the aircraft, including PICC property insurance, CPIC property insurance, Ping An property insurance and Guoshou property insurance, have paid China Eastern Airlines 116 million yuan in advance.In terms of personal insurance, relevant insurance companies have actively settled insurance claims based on reports from customers. So far, 11 companies have paid 14 compensation payments totaling 14.85 million yuan to the bereaved families.Article source: Xinhua News Agency, Jimu News, China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission website email: gdpfxmt@163.com share