Byd new MPV real car exposure, or not summer, landing ship, to belong to Teng Potential?

2022-05-24 0 By

There is no denying that IKEA’s MPV is now popular. Before, there were only Buick GL8, Odyssey and Allison in the market, and last year, Toyota Cena, Hyundai Custeau and Kia Ka Wah were added to the market.But it is not difficult to find that these models do not have a new energy license plate, so many consumers before the exposure of BYD “summer”, “landing ship” full of expectations.Recently, we obtained a set of BYD’s new MPV spy photos from relevant channels, so this car is “summer” or “landing ship”?From the picture, the new car has a huge size, parked in the parking space, the front of the car is far beyond the stop line.Look at the byd Qin car parked on the side, it seems that the bottom end of the WINDOW of the MPV is close to the top of the Qin position, which shows that the size parameters of this MPV will be considerable.It also has a boxy body shape, flat window lines and sliding doors, which are the norm for high-end MPVS.But the front of the car has a prominent design, and the use of segment-banner air intake grille, which is not the same as byd Dynasty, Ocean series car design concept, perhaps this will be BYD’s high-end brand Teng SHI MPV model.At this time many people will have questions, as BYD and Daimler jointly established high-end pure electric brand, Teng Potential automobile development in recent years is quite weak, why also launched new models?In fact, although tengze automobile market performance is not ideal, but under heavy investment, BYD is not going to give up tengze automobile.At the end of 2021, BYD and Daimler signed an equity transfer agreement for the restructuring of Denza. After the equity adjustment, BYD and Daimler will hold 90% and 10% of Denza respectively.In addition, just in the past February 14, Teng Shi Auto Sales and Service Co., Ltd. was established by BYD wholly-owned holdings.This not only means that Tengze automobile officially has its own sales network, but also means that Tengze has gradually become byd’s leading automobile brand, or will become byd’s new high-end brand.With Daimler taking the initiative, BYD will invest more technology and core resources into Denza. According to zhao Changjiang, head of BYD’s high-end brand, Denza will launch three models this year, including a mid-size SUV, a mid-size SUV and an MPV model.At the same time, Zhao Changjiang also revealed some information about the MPV model.The new MPV is positioned as high-end, suitable for ikea business and politics, and adopts a new design language, which is also consistent with the above exposed models.There will also be 15cm ground clearance, air suspension, epic sound system, 7-seat 2+2+3 layout, third row recline/ISOFIX support, etc.And the degree of intelligence exceeds expectations, the chip is better than Qualcomm 8155.As for power, BYD will also take some advice. The plug-in hybrid should have a pure electric range of 200km, with a combined 800-1100km range, and the pure electric version should have an actual 500-800km range.If all the above configurations are realized, it will be a high-end MPV that combines flexibility, comfort, large space, high performance, luxury configuration, super intelligence and green card.Combined with previous news reports, BYD high-end brand of the first model is expected to sell between 500,000 to 800,000 yuan, I believe we look forward to these configurations, the actual loading should not be difficult.At present, the MPV market products are blowout. Although BYD entered the market late, the high-end MPV market of new energy is almost blank. With the concept of co-creation and excellent technology, BYD may be able to achieve a latecomer position in this DISPUTE of MPV market.So, what do you think of BYD’s high-end MPV? Please leave a comment.