CBA basketball third stage of the window period four rumors one by one

2022-05-24 0 By

The first rumor is that Chen Yingjun of Guangzhou times left the team, aiming at Guangdong Hongyuan Dayi, with the participation of the provincial and municipal sports committee, completed the big exchange, Chen Yingjun for Hu Mingxuan, and the omnipowerful reporter master and many media have reported that Chen Yingjun is not in the training ground of Guangzhou.But it was Chen who went back to the island to play in the World Cup qualifier against Japan.Luo Xudong joined Beijing holding is false news.Luo Xudong chose to participate in three basketball games, will not participate in five basketball games, I officially withdrawn ballads.Chang Lin not and Beijing shougang termination, also did not appear on a free transfer list, Chang Lin is the important post player in Beijing, although Hamilton to the shougang post more later, but han is center, Chang Lin is power forward, position is different, han will be restricted by foreign aid to play, and waiting Chang Lin is important, the current CBA the most short of strikers, shougang would not give other clubs now.Yanis dismissal is a thorough rumor, Zhang Yunsong is not to take over, Qin Xiaowen Qin after the Winter Olympics will assume the important position of the Chinese hockey professional organization committee, Zhang Yunsong is suspected to replace her as shougang acting general manager, but certainly will not take over the first team.Leave a comment in the comments section.For more CBA unreliable news, please pay attention to my today’s headlines.