Up after the reflection summary, A share industry index market direction analysis

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Yield curve in the past year: Shanghai Composite Index: (1) First of all, the direction of the main details has been clear. Through the analogy of historical trends, the direction of Shanghai Composite Index will be higher against the upper pressure level, and then it will come out of the decline.(2) Let’s analyze the pressure position at the top.From the point of view of daily K line multi-period average, tomorrow Thursday opening, five-day average opening at 3232 points, 10 moving average to 3245 points, 20 moving average will be at 3254 points, 30 moving average line to 3327 points.(3) Wednesday’s Zhongyang line is the same as the way of building the bottom in history, this time the Zhongyang line successfully stood on the 5-day average, 10-day average, 20-day average position.(4) In addition to the ching Ming Festival holiday, it is expected that the market can hardly continue to release a large number of points, so the next upward into the range of 3279 points to 3327 points, which is a pressure range.Greater expectations will cause the trend of high fall.(5) continue to go up to pay attention to the bottom of the high throw plan chips.In the low bottom building box, why should we choose the appropriate high selling and low buying? This way is suitable for investors who have a heavy position at present and need to reserve funds by adding positions to the low bottom building box in the early stage.This can continuously amortize the cost of holding a position.(6) After today’s upward breakthrough of the Zhongyang line, the a-share index of all industries showed A three-stage rise in the embryonic structure, the following market, led by the GEM industry track theme of new energy vehicles, photovoltaic industry, biomedicine, Chinese medicine will be more than the Sse index class SSE 50, SSE 300,China Securities coal stronger.The reason is that the current structure of these themes on gem is a pre-W double-bottom structure, and the duration of the current double-bottom structure is approximately equivalent to the time of the upper box from 2710 to 2905 points from February to early March.(7) GEM has the ability to recover the 30 moving average, continue to move up today 2710 points to 2905 points within the interval, open the depth space.(8) There is also a strong trend of securities companies K line, K line with the gem class, also formed a double bottom structure of K line.But the brokerage above the drop is down from the unilateral drop, the above did not form a buffer box.(9) So the brokerage is currently strong, but weaker than the GEM category, in the short term, if the brokerage continues to move up, it needs to do a high selling plan to keep the bottom position.(10) For semiconductor technology, China Liquor, rare earth these three plates just pulled back from near new lows.Patient position holding waiting, bargains can be added to the warehouse configuration.2 PM to 2:30 PM each trading day can refer to my end of the long strategy, rational reference to my firm changes in the plan.Pass by, everybody spends 1 minute trouble to leave a speech below the long article of old unit, write a comment.Thank you old friends for your long-term praise and support, I will grow steadily and constantly improve myself.