216: To solve problems, we must adhere to the principle of integration and integration

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Abstract: The value of managers is not only to report problems, but to solve them.Value can only be created by solving problems.It is not that we cannot discover or solve many problems, but that our mindset and ability limit us.Therefore, we need to change the mindset, we might as well learn reverse thinking;We need to strengthen our study, keep pace with The Times, master some problem management tools, and constantly improve the ability to find problems, express problems, analyze problems and solve problems.1, adhere to the principle of integration and integration to solve problems the so-called integration and integration principle refers to: grasp the whole, scientific decomposition, highly comprehensive.To solve a problem, first of all, we need to grasp the “whole” of the problem and understand the whole picture of the problem.Grasp the whole, aims to carry on the effective system thinking, adopts the system method to solve the system problem;On the basis of grasping the whole, we can better decompose scientifically.Scientific decomposition aims to solve problems better and faster. It can divide big problems into a number of small problems, which can be broken down and solved one by one.For example, rockets need a certain speed and mass to fly to the moon.After careful calculations, the scientists concluded that “the rocket must have a dead weight of at least 1 million tons.And such a hulking thing could not fly anyway.For a long time, therefore, the scientific consensus was that rockets could never be sent to the moon.Until someone came up with the idea of “graded rockets”, the problem suddenly became clear.The rocket would be divided into stages, and as the first stage lifted the others out of the atmosphere it would fall off to reduce its mass so that the rest of the rocket could easily approach the moon.The design idea of graded rocket inspires us: learn to break down the target, break it into parts, and then break it into small targets that are easy to achieve, and then it is an effective way to achieve the ideal goal.Most of the time, the reason why we feel that difficulties are insurmountable and success is beyond our reach is because we feel that the goal is too far away from ourselves and have a sense of fear;The purpose of scientific decomposition is highly comprehensive, promote the system to produce 1+1 “2 positive effect, create higher value of the system.Just as the termite is with the flagellate in its stomach.The intestines of termites do not secrete cellulase, which is used to digest lignocellulose. However, giardia secrete a type of enzymatic digestion of lignocellulose, which is used to digest glucose, providing sufficient food for termites.On the other hand, giardia also get their food from the termite’s gut.Termites and flagellates work together in a symbiosis.Therefore, the solution of any problem is not isolated, isolated, but with many problems intricately combined together.When deciding to solve a problem, we must try to find out the relationship between this problem and other problems. The more we find out, the more we can solve the problem.The decision and evaluation of the solution cannot be based on a single measure, but must be judged from the organic relation of the whole.Divide a big problem into smaller ones and solve them separately.When small problems are solved, big ones are solved.By looking at a problem from multiple perspectives, there is more than one way to solve it.As the saying goes, “All roads lead to Rome” and “there is not only one way to success.”There is a saw arrow pole story: in ancient times, a war, will return from the front, in the arrow, the arrow deep inside the body.A doctor, who claimed to be a good surgeon, invited the surgeon, who cut off the shaft of the arrow with a well-known scissors and knelt down to ask for a reward.The deputy general said, “The arrow is still in my body. It needs to be taken out.”The doctor retorted, “That’s a matter of internal medicine. What do I have to do?”Problem solving. We can never learn from this surgeon.Some managers of enterprises often ascribe many problems of enterprises to execution problems.They believe that the lack of execution is the main cause of enterprise management problems. In fact, this is putting the cart before the horse.We believe that execution is not only an employee’s problem, it is not only the execution of the link of the problem.What is a CEO?Chief executive officer means that execution must be a top-down process, which is why the so-called “bottom is crooked”;Executive force is by no means the implementation of the link out of the problem, executive force is a system, dynamic, historical and comprehensive problem.According to the principle of integration = integration, the improvement of executive power can be grasped, decomposed and integrated from the two aspects of organizational executive power and individual executive power as a whole, as shown in Figure 1.Figure 1 To improve organizational execution, “Six-vein Magic Sword” needs to establish a problem system to promote continuous improvement in order to adhere to the principle of integration, division and integration.(1) Every day’s work is a cycle of finding and solving problems;(2) Discover the law of the problem, to get twice the result with half the effort;(3) The common phenomenon of problem management is that no one really tries to solve valuable and relatively complex problems;Some unimportant issues are repeatedly discussed;Simple problems occur repeatedly;For a long time, it is impossible to accumulate and grow organizational experience and knowledge to solve major problems.(4) To establish a problem system, which helps to solve problems efficiently and systematically;(5) Problem system should be closely combined with responsibility system, evaluation system, compensation and performance system, training and employment system.If you find this article worthwhile, please follow, appreciate and forward it.Thank you very much!