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This is the 2402 article of study Notes. Today I have a few very subtle feelings, suddenly connected, and found that really something magical.Say first xiaojin hill, I’ll probably stay in more than a decade to come to Beijing in two Wells nearby of time, every bus pass a bus station, called xiaojin hill think this stops are shuihu flavor of martial arts, also did not care about, as they worked at the beginning, so I wrote one of the social security fixed-point hospital is xiaojin hill hospital, this more than a decade,Every time I need to change to designated hospitals are lazy, so the ground for more than a decade, xiaojin hill also from secondary to tertiary hospital, now or affiliated hospital, tsinghua university, the social security fixed-point hospital also don’t have to change, of course for me influence is bigger near the school, the results to spy on a circle, discovery is xiaojin hill central primary school,Must have lived in this neighborhood for a long time, also is a kind of deep fate, during this period, we rent a house from the north connects center moved to the south of the daxing zaoyuan, trajectory from the west of octagon amusement park to the east of hebei, finally a kind of invisible gravity to near here, imagine a thing is really wonderful.In the evening, I suddenly remembered a company I worked for more than 10 years ago, so I looked at it in passing. When I saw the abbreviation, I froze. The project I did more than 10 years ago was called DBS, which was a digital TV project of live broadcasting satellite.Last year, I started to call them DBS, which means database-related systems/services, etc. This feeling is the same as when you go to buy something and finally think about it for a long time, and the final choice is exactly the same as the original one.Is also go to the supermarket, evening to walk past a big supermarket, may be the name inside there is a word, let I couldn’t help thinking of the contemporary people’s university nearby mall, that year and his brother with a $1000 gift card go shopping there, really feel suddenly went to heaven, we went to 2 times to buy the card of the above things,That kind of nouveau riche mentality is very rare happiness and enrichment, we take the subway carrying bags busy, now that kind of feeling has not found, but I still can’t help looking for this shopping mall if I pass by renmin University.Finally, write, and have brought the children to practice calligraphy today also see some effect, the children are sitting next to write, I will quietly looked at her seriously, sometimes just think, I was how to write, faintly remember is in grade one, I write to stay with the grid, written boxy,I did not know whether it was the teacher’s affirmation or praise, so I persisted. At the end of the last grade, I won the first place in the competition of calligraphy works. When I told my children about it, she would look with a trace of envy, hoping that she could also get such inspiration.Github: @Jeanron100CSDN: @Jeanron100 Zhihu: @Jeanron100 Headlines: @Yang Jianrong’s learning notes NetEase: @Yang Jianrong’s database notes Big fish: @Yang Jianrong’s database notes Tencent Cloud + community:Yang Jianrong’s study notes