“China Merchants Securities collapse” hot search noon response “is stepping up repair”

2022-05-25 0 By

Early trading on March 14, investors have reported that the trading system of China Merchants Securities has broken down, mainly reflected in the inability to close deals or withdraw orders.As of 11:30 at noon, China Merchants Securities trading system has not yet shown the completion of the repair.On the news, weibo “trip code collapse” occupy the first hot search at the same time, “China Merchants Securities collapse” has also become a hot topic.Some netizens said that “direct trading could not be done, and the withdrawal of orders could not be done”, and “the problem could not be solved within an hour”. Many investors said that they had suffered heavy losses, but China Merchants Securities has not made an official statement, and the customer service phone could not be reached.Beijing Youth Daily reporter noted that China Merchants Securities stock bar, there are netizens expressed dissatisfaction with the company.It is understood that the fault is caused by the feedback function of the system. In fact, the report function is normal, that is to say, the relevant transaction has been completed normally, but investors can not find it in the system interface, so some investors panic, and the technical department is rushing to repair.At noon, China Merchants Securities replied, “All orders from the centralized trading system have been sent to the exchange system in real time, but due to the delay in processing transaction returns, some customers did not receive transaction return information in time on the client, which affected the withdrawal of orders. We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused to customers.The company is currently working to repair the problem, which has been alleviated and other system functions are normal.”The reporter noted that in July 2020, there had been merchants securities APP down for at least 15 minutes.At that time, China Merchants Securities said that the company noticed that some customers reported trading problems and immediately conducted a comprehensive investigation, but no problems were found in the trading system, which operated smoothly and normally throughout the day.As of March 14 noon close, China Merchants Securities fell 0.81% to 14.74 yuan/share.By Beijing Youth Daily reporter Liu Shenliang