Recently the fund fell like a dog, you run or give up?

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Looking at their own investment report card, since this year, the fund retraced more than 9%, the loss of nearly 25,000 yuan, the loss ratio even exceeded the CSI 300 index in the same period.In the face of falling like A dog fund, I choose to lie flat, but this is not because of losing hope for A shares, on the contrary, lie flat because I “full of expectations”.01 Compared with frequent operations, “lying flat” may also be “lying to win” A share the usual steep trend, the probability of rising and tumbling probability is far greater than the European and American markets.In the face of volatile stock market, the most important reason for investors’ losses is “holding (base) too short time, frequent trading”.Treat the market volatility overreaction, a rise to follow the wind to buy, a fall on the crazy escape, and even appear stampede, this is not a typical “chase up and kill down”?One of the most important lessons I have learned from the stock market in the past 10 years is to be calm. Compared with the frequent trading, the seemingly negative attitude of “lying flat” often results in less bad results, and may even be “lying down to win”.Fund boss Xie Zhiyu once said that only in extreme overvaluation, there is a high probability of doing the right situation, such as 2007, 2015, the great bull market, only greatly reduce the position.Xie Zhiyu’s remarks and Buffett are similar, others fear when I am greedy, others greed when I fear, the market is always a small number of money, why?The winners are all the cool-headed “yellow bird” hunters.In the face of the current environment, we are left with the choice of investment, in addition to lying down, only “cut meat to sell”, and this choice faces two risks.The first risk is the risk of loss.At present, A shares, sand and mud, the vast majority of plates are in A loss state, once the cattle medical treatment, new energy have appeared A higher retreat, at this time to sell the fund, the probability is A loss.The first risk is obvious, the second risk but many people did not think of the second risk of selling funds at the moment is “the risk of riding empty.”Is there any substantial bad news about current A shares?Are there any structural problems?I don’t think so!Looking closely at the situation of A shares, the valuation level is low and positive information is emerging. 2022 is not A repeat of the bear market in 2018, but more like an irrational killing, and the value regression is A high probability event.In the face of such emotional market decline, cut meat out, it is not wise.03 See how professionals operate?My suggestion is just one person’s opinion. We can also look at how the “academic” in the market is facing the current situation.Some time ago, public funds and some fund managers have started to buy from the tide, from the historical data, this is often one of the signals of the market to build the bottom.For example, from June to August 2015, when the Shanghai Composite Index fell by more than 30%, public funds started self-purchase successively with the entry of the National team into the market, and the net subscription volume of public funds exceeded 1.4 billion yuan. A-share market began to recover from September 2015.For example, in the year of 2020, due to the epidemic, the market plunged and the US stock market was shut down for many times. From February to April, the net subscription volume of public funds was about 1.3 billion yuan, and the A-share market began to recover from April.Indeed, the fund company repurchase fund has the intention of “making a show”, hoping to stabilize the mood of base people, but also want to know that the fund company is a professional assembly, their judgment to the market, or have a strong reference effect.Compared with many retail investors running away, I prefer to see how fund companies do.Don’t worry, I choose to lie flat for several conditions!Personally, in the face of the current A shares have chosen to “lie flat”, sometimes in order to avoid emotional ups and downs, are not willing to see the daily net fund update, but, the investment market, never blind “copy homework”.Just because I can lie flat doesn’t mean you can.On the one hand, my position control at 6-70%, far from full position.The market is always full of black swan events, even if I am very bullish on A shares, I am not sure when the spring of A shares will come, so control the position, I can live until the spring.On the other hand, my risk tolerance “matches” my portfolio.After years of investment experience, I have understood the risks of market volatility and can accept the current withdrawal of funds.Also, the money I put into the investment fund is long-term money and there is no short-term pressure.Comprehensive factors, I choose to “lie flat”, even still adhere to the cast.As for what you should do, have to consider their own reality.Said in the end: every market fluctuations, is the test of your investment faith, endure outstanding, endure not out, no firm belief will not become a great event!If you look at the people who made money from real estate in the last 20 years, they also survived the 2008 financial crisis, the 1995 Southeast Asian crisis, and the Japanese property market crash, you would guess the investment returns over 20 times over 20 years.Those who did not endure, missed an era of “lying win” opportunity.Isn’t the logic of the stock market the same?Firmly optimistic about the domestic economy, look at the long-term value of A shares, seize high-quality chips, so as to make money, right?