Brothers living next door luxury old house, rare in China, Shanghai Chuansha to garden residential little sister about

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In No. 88, North Chenghao Road, Chuansha ancient town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, there is a very long and spacious luxury old house named “Yiyuan”. It is composed of two independent and connected old houses with passageways, which are identical in architectural style: Yidetang and Yidaotang.The lintel at the entrance of the south facade is titled “Dao with Virtue hong” and “You have tolerance for virtue.”Each building is a three-room, two-story building with two depths, green tile hard peak, gables and courtyard walls are clear brick wall.The high one on the left side of the picture shows that the outer wall on the east side of dao Hall is the first to enter the courtyard. The inner courtyard and the interior are the wooden style of jiangnan folk houses.The second entrance courtyard has a small courtyard, surrounded by 2 stories.As the garden has been changed into residential houses for external operation, the little sister on duty took me in to see the appearance, I did not hesitate to ask for a few photos.But she was very warm and polite and told me the story.Originally, this was the residence of lujia brothers in Chuansha, built around 1930. The two brothers lived in harmony with each other and their family was also very rich. It is a story in chuansha ancient town.There is a passage between the two old houses, and a door to the north and the south.In this way, the two old houses can not only be alone, but also walk with each other inside, which is a rare building in China.The gate on the south side of the middle passage the gate on the north side of the middle passage takes the wall on the west side of the garden as well as the entrance gate.To the north side of the garden wall, close to the moat, access very.It is now a fitness area for residents.This residence is still a good business and can be booked online.Arranging time to stay idle for a few days and spend some quality time in old towns is a great vacation arrangement.