China’s first surprise?Coach or will change the array, 3 people are expected to be on the top, transfer red status promotion

2022-05-26 0 By

The National football team of Li Xiaopeng’s era is about to set sail. Although there is no chance of winning the match with The Japanese team, it would be very encouraging if the Team could keep a draw. After all, the Japanese team is a semi-World Cup team.However, because the naturalized players who returned from Brazil basically have no systematic training and competition, their immediate state is probably not suitable to become the main force, li Xiaopeng is expected to send only Jiang Guangtai naturalized players in the starting lineup to contend with the Japanese team.The difficulty is indeed very big, but if Li Xiaopeng’s tactics, formation and starting arrangement are properly deployed, forcing the Japanese team is not without a chance.It is expected that Li Xiaopeng will arrange the formation of five defenders, actively give the ball, concentrate on the implementation of defensive counter-attack tactics.It is worth mentioning that li Xiaopeng seldom used the five-back formation when coaching other teams, but since there are many guangzhou players in the national football team, they are better at the five-back formation. I believe zheng Zhi will also provide some professional advice to Li Xiaopeng on tactics and formation arrangement.There is no doubt that the starting goalkeeper can only be Yan Junling, and at least three of the five defenders protecting him are guangzhou team players, they are Zhang Linpeng, Jiang Guangtai, Deng Hanwen.In the five-back system, Deng Hanwen’s role is very important, he rose the ball obviously, a person on the right side of the attack and defense is no problem.Zhang Linpeng will continue to partner Jiang Guangtai in central defence, while another central defender is expected to be Zheng Zheng, whose experience and delivery skills are second to none in the national team.The left guard is expected to be Liu Yang, who has been redrafted into China’s national football team. He is a player with obvious advantages and disadvantages, but there is no better choice at present.The midfield should be a surprise, wu Xi is the first captain, will naturally become the starting player, can be expected to partner with xu Xin and Dai Weijun in the Super League outstanding performance.Dai Weijun in particular, his presence can make the National football team in the midfield carding ability to achieve qualitative improvement.Xu Xin’s recent self-confidence is bursting, and he will soon be transferred to the Shanghai Harbour team with a high salary. He has enough motivation to make achievements for the National football Team.Compared to the previous training, Xu Xin is now a transfer star, but also an important midfield piece of the National football Team, the status of the promotion is obvious.Finally, the two forward players, Wu Lei must lock a starting position, and Li Xiaopeng especially like the use of high center, the only choice is Zhang Yuning, such a high and fast combination in the National football team should become a normal.This set of starting lineup, Liu Yang, Deng Hanwen, Dai Weijun are new faces, if really can become the first, is also a signal released by Li Xiaopeng, the National football team will reuse young players.Now is a rare opportunity to compete against the world’s top teams and expect the young players in the National football team to perform well.