Do you know the origin of blue tears that are so popular on the Internet?Three kinds of blue tears. How many do you know

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“Xiamen blue tears” have been trending on the Internet recently. Usually, xiamen blue tears don’t appear until the end of March, but this time, it is quite rare to see “blue tears” in January.As for Xiamen’s blue tears, we already know what causes them: Glow-in-the-dark algae, which tend to accumulate locally under the influence of tides, winds and currents, produce a bluish fluorescence when stimulated.However, the formation of blue tears is not the only way, it is a total of three: 01 blue tears:Bluetear, also known as seedshrimp, is a type of Crustaceans. It is a crustaceans that live in the sea. They are 0.2mm to 2mm in length, they are fossilized and live on the energy of sea water.As the waves wash ashore, the blue tear leaves the water for less than 100 seconds. With the loss of energy, the blue tear loses its light and its life is over.Blue tears, which glow, are actually a shrimp’s way of finding a mate.Male species of shrimp floating in the sea there is order to flashing blue light to attract female shrimp, and a blue light, it is because of all sorts of color is not the same as the velocity of propagation of light in the sea, the red light wavelengths longer, orange light, yellow light, shot after the sea, with the increase of the depth of the ocean is absorbed gradually, this time blue light travels the fastest in the water.Ostracoda Hiederia, ostracoda Hiederia, short for fireflies, is a luminous Marine plankton that lives in the bay. It is a fluorescent animal.Fireflies have a structure called luminescent glands in their bodies. When stimulated by waves, they produce light blue light, which usually appears in June or July and is banded along the beach.Scientists call this bioluminescence, which glows at night, “cold light.”The species is known as blue tears in Malaysia and Taiwan for its bioluminescence, the blue light produced by the reaction between luciferin and luciferase.Noctiluca noctiluca are large single-celled algae that have animal characteristics, such as the ability to move.It also has the characteristics of plants, such as photosynthesis, so it is commonly known as “noctilucent insect”.Although this creature is very similar to seaweed, it is actually a single-celled organism.Because of the luciferase and luciferin in the body of noctiluca, it produces light blue light when stimulated by waves.Such is the case with xiamen’s “blue tears”.The above is about the introduction of “blue tears” oh, hope to help you ~