Qingming Holiday in Shandong mainly sunny cloudy, temperature gradually rise

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On April 2, the meteorological observatory of Shandong province released the weather forecast for the Qingming Festival holiday.During the “Tomb-sweeping Day” period (3rd to 5th), the weather in most parts of the province is mainly sunny and cloudy, and the temperature gradually rises.From 4th to 5th, the south wind is strong, the relative humidity is low, the forest fire risk meteorological level is high, please strengthen prevention.The specific forecast is as follows: on the 3rd, the weather will be sunny and cloudy.South wind, bohai sea, Bohai Strait, north and central Yellow Sea 5 ~ 6 force, inland 3 ~ 4 force.On The 4th, the weather was sunny and cloudy.South wind, bohai sea and Bohai Strait 6 ~ 7 gusts 8, north and central Yellow Sea 5 ~ 6, northwest and central shandong west area 5 ~ 6 gusts 7, other inland areas 4 ~ 5 gusts 6.On May 5, the eastern part of Shandong and the western part of the Peninsula will be overcast with some thunderstorms or showers, and other areas will be cloudy.The south wind (m 6 ~ 7) gust (M 8) over the Bohai Sea and bohai Strait turned to north wind (M 5 ~ 6), the south wind (m 6 ~ 7) gust (m 8) in the north of the Yellow Sea weakened to M 5 ~ 6, and the south wind (m 5 ~ 6) in the middle of the Yellow Sea.In the northern part of central Shandong, northwest Shandong and peninsular area, the south wind force 4 ~ 5 gusts force 6 ~ 7 weaken to force 3 ~ 4, other inland areas south wind force 3 ~ 4.Statement: Copyright of this article belongs to the original author. If there is any source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you may contact us through email. We will deal with this in a timely manner.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com