Sichuan farmer drowned in his water cellar in 2019, police say wife had improper relationship with her cousin

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Introduction: Durian Garden new grave in October 2019, cool in golden autumn, pomegranate fragrance.It’s a harvest season for Zheng Mou CAI, a 41-year-old farmer in Huili county, Liangshan, Sichuan province.His pomegranate garden harvest, has been mature a large full of pomegranates, decorated with branches to hang to the ground.In recent years, thanks to the local government’s efforts to promote pomegranate farming, farmers have set up their own pomegranate gardens.There are many other pomegranate gardens in haicaowa village, like Lao Zheng’s.Lao Zheng is very hard-working and keeps the garden in perfect order.In the eyes of the neighbors, he is honest and honest, rarely with people have quarreled, who has what difficult to ask him to help, he is also ready to help, so in the neighborhood reputation is good.Unfortunately, life is fickle, often because of sudden misfortune and fortune completely change their everything.Lao Zheng himself certainly never thought that one day he would die in the garden he had worked so hard to cultivate.He died suddenly before selling all the pomegranates. His wife buried Lao Zheng under the pomegranate tree planted by his own hands.Zheng, who was a good swimmer himself, was found drowned in the water cellar in the garden with blood still on his head.For a time, neighbors, relatives and friends have speculated about the true cause of Zheng’s death.According to the police to find out, old Zheng was the cause of the backstabbing is — cousin and wife Yang Mou for many years of malformed love, two people abandon Old Zheng in the way, in order to be able to stay together, secretly under the cruel, malicious hand except then fast.01 Mysterious death on the evening of October 4, 2019, Zheng Just disappeared without reason in Haicaowa Village, Fule Town, his wife Yang Mou was asking around for her husband’s whereabouts.In the morning, neighbors have seen Old Zheng out of work normally.Jeong s sister had a bad feeling when she received a phone call from her sister-in-law.She knows that there is a deep water cellar used to irrigate fruit trees in her brother’s pomegranate garden. Will he slip and fall down when pumping water or encounter electricity leakage in the electric water pump?It was late, and the sister did not set out for her brother’s house at once.Later in the evening, Yang Mou mei contacted her husband and nephew husband and wife to discuss at home.After deliberation, the three decided to search the mountain overnight.The local October night had turned cool, and the cool dew hung on the grass, wetting the shoes and socks of passers-by.Yang mou Mei and three others set out with flashlights, while Shouting Lao Zheng’s name along the road, while looking around.Old Zheng’s nephew saw aunt very anxious, remind her to pay attention to the road, don’t fall down the slope, and let his wife come forward to take care of the arm.Yang Mou mei with crying sound to my nephew husband and wife said: “he also went to the garden in the afternoon to dig holes and fill water, I am afraid of his accident…”Two of her juniors reassured her not to worry too much.Unfortunately, the three men found Zheng’s slippers in the water cellar in the garden, next to them, floating with cigarettes that had been soaked.Zheng nephew immediately called the village people up the mountain to find traces of uncle.Soon after, Jeong’s father and cousin Jeong arrived at the scene along with a number of villagers.Zheng dug a cylindrical water cellar about 20 feet deep to irrigate his orchard, which sits on a slope.In order to store as much water as possible, the walls of the cellars are hardened with cement, so smooth that people who can’t swim can’t save themselves if they fall.From the scene, although the red brick along the cellar is more than one meter high from the ground, but the water distance from the cellar along only dozens of centimeters, and zheng, who is good at playing water, even if he lost his foot and fell, he would not climb up.Some villagers first got long sticks and stuck them in the cellars to stir, but found nothing floating.The rest of the men spread out and continued to search nearby with flashlights.At this time, Zheng’s cousin Zheng took the initiative to enter the water, and the rest of the able-bodied people ready to take over.”The light is too dark and the water is too deep to reach the bottom,” zheng said breathlessly after diving into the water.Other young men quickly pulled him out of the water.Autumn night cool water qinling bone, Zheng jun stood in the night wind hit several shivers.Yang Mou Mei looked carefully at the shoes picked up, said it was Lao Zheng, immediately cried out.When she said this, everyone felt bad and began to murmur.Several of the helping villagers again took their sticks and plunged into the water, trying to find zheng.No one noticed that just climbed out of the water cellar zheng Mou Jun in the dark flashing hard eyes, he lowered his head to wipe the face water stains, dare not frequently go to the hall of Yang Mou mei terrified worry eyes.Just then, someone on the ridge shouted: “The fishing rod is coming!”Originally, a villager saw that the long wooden pole can not poke the bottom, thought of going home to get a fishing rod to try.The hook can sink to the bottom, and if Zheng sinks to the bottom after the accident, the hook should be able to catch the clothes on the body.The line with the hook on the villager’s fishing rod dropped into the water. After several tests, he caught something heavy.Fortunately, the fishing line is thick and elastic enough, and the three villagers stabilize the fishing rod and slowly pull up — a clothed body finally emerges from the water.They came forward to take a look carefully, the head is still in the blood of the dead is just in the prime of zheng.The poor old father was struck with such a sudden shock that he fainted without a breath.When she saw that her husband was dead, her wife turned to her cousin Jeong, who was looking down and not saying a word.Life is at stake, the villagers hurriedly call the police.After receiving the alarm, the police rushed to the scene overnight.The quiet mountain village suddenly became noisy.When the police arrived, they quickly evacuated the villagers, isolated the scene and set up a cordon around the cellar.After a forensic examination, it was confirmed that the deceased, Surnamed Zheng, had multiple trauma wounds and large fractures on his head, apparently caused by blunt force blows.The forensic medical report said, “The deceased Surnamed Zheng died of severe brain injury and suffocation caused by repeated blows with blunt objects on his head and face.”With the completion of the investigation, the police did not find traces of blood, clothing fragments and fighting around, preliminary judgment of the water cellar is the first scene.The police then brought in high-powered pumps to drain the cellars.There are striking climbing marks on the walls of the water cellars, struggling footprints and hand prints all indicate that the deceased had a strong will to survive.After a careful search, the police failed to find a murder weapon or suspicious items at the scene.Who had such a vendetta against Lao Zheng that he hit him in the head multiple times with a murder weapon?You can’t wrap the fire in the paper.Soon, the news of Lao Zheng’s murder spread to several villages near and far.Those who knew Lao Zheng bemoaned his death in his prime and remembered the benefits of his kindness.As for the cause of his death, there are whispers and anecdotal reports.Some speculated that Zheng had met a pomegranate thief, who feared he would call the police and kill him.Others said Lao Zheng had offended someone, but he didn’t know it.There is a view that the most supporters: in recent years zheng only planted a few mu of pomegranate, and greenhouse vegetables to increase income, some savings at home, someone for wealth.However, a subsequent police investigation threw such speculation to the wind — Zheng’s clothes were intact when he was killed, and his mobile phone and more than 2,000 yuan in cash were still on him.The orchard is located on a remote hillside, which is not a scenic spot, and few outsiders would wander here on weekdays.The police then focused their investigation on the village and the surrounding area of 10 kilometers, around the social network of the deceased.After checking, Jeong has never borrowed foreign debt, so there will be no disputes with people.His public praise is quite good, the villagers generally reflect that Lao Zheng is a good man, industrious and kind, introverted personality, usually few words.As the investigation progressed, the police realized they might have gone off the rails.Instead, they focused on investigating the families and relatives of the dead.Villagers said zheng was honest, not like the kind of people with style problems.After the police continue to investigate, there is a different harvest.As it is said, there is nothing new under the sun.When a couple lives, one is always strong and the other weak.Some people privately reflect to the police, Yang Mou mei has always been a strong character, at home, and honest character of the old Zheng always choose to give way.Around 2011, Jeong bought a truck to go out for transportation and was often away from home.He had hoped to make more money with the car to make his life prosperous, but he had an accident soon after, injured someone and lost a lot of money.Old Zheng himself also suffered not light injury, high medical expenses and compensation let the family debt, the day followed by straitened up.The couple had two daughters and were doing well until a car accident suddenly made the family miserable.Poor husband and wife Pepsi sorrow, the difficult day of friction between two people increase, often quarrel.After that, the relationship between husband and wife became indifferent.In order to increase their income, his wife Yang Mou Mei went out to work in 2017, Zheng stayed at home to grow greenhouse vegetables and take care of the pomegranate garden.Yang Mou mei has been working outside for two years, the couple together will live a prosperous day.In April 2019, Yang mou Mei quit her job and returned home, and they did not have a big quarrel.She seems to care more about her husband.In ordinary days, no matter how good the feelings of husband and wife, it is hard to avoid noisy.Police did not initially suspect Yang had a motive to kill her husband.Be in this critical moment, have villager privately reflect say, Yang mou mei is suspected with cousin Zheng Mou jun have improper relation.The statement was like a lightning bolt across the minds of police officers handling the case, tearing open the thick curtain.Now in retrospect, Yang Mou mei in the face of the inquiry was very calm, and not too sad, emotional performance out of control.Police unruffled, again for Yang Mou mei inquiry.This time, when the police asked what plans for the future, Yang mei replied that “Zheng bought insurance.”It should be known that Jeong was only 41 years old when the accident happened, in the prime of life, and its cultural level, life philosophy is not the kind of people who buy commercial insurance for themselves in advance very early.Even many young people living in cities do not buy commercial life insurance for themselves, but mostly choose to buy medical insurance for their children.The police then looked at Yang’s phone records. She had made several calls the night of her husband’s accident, but the records of those calls could not be found in her phone.Clearly, she deliberately deleted the phone records, trying to hide something.Zheng, 38 years old at the time of his cousin’s death, took care of the funeral.The police said to the reporter: “At first we did not suspect Zheng, but his behavior after the incident is very normal, not like the murderer.”But the facts speak louder than words, Yang mou Mei’s mobile phone in the night of the incident had repeatedly called zheng Mou Jun’s mobile phone number, and there were text messages.Four days after the incident, the police arrested Yang mou Mei and Zheng Mou Jun, and immediately separate interrogation.Faced with evidence such as phone records provided by the police, Jeong did not remain silent for long and confessed to the murder.”After the accident in 2011, my cousin borrowed 10,000 yuan from me for emergency.I often went to help my sister-in-law with farm work, so I had that kind of relationship.”The informed villagers did not say wrong, these two people really have a secret relationship between men and women!To the surprise of the police, Zheng’s mother had broken the improper relationship between two people, ordered his son not to go wrong again, do not want two people still secretly contact, finally made a big mistake.Two people who ate the forbidden fruit got out of hand.In 2017, taking the opportunity to work outside Chongqing, the two quietly lived together, just like a normal couple.Stolen gongs can not be knocked, Yang Mou mei for this kind of life can not stand, once put forward a divorce, was refused by her husband Zheng.Zheng Mou jun crazy crazy love hall sister-in-law, swear with it together for life, for this not hesitate to divorce with the wife.In the face of the husband refused to divorce, Yang Mou mei thought hard countermeasures fruitless, the final heart.In order to end this kind of hiding life as soon as possible, Yang Mou mei let working outside zheng Mou jun return home, discuss countermeasures.”I can’t beat him (Jeong) with only one woman. Why don’t you come back and take care of it?”The two men planned to push Zheng into a pit to drown, and create the illusion that he fell overboard and drowned.On the day of the incident, Zheng went out to pomegranate watering, his wife Yang Mei immediately informed Zheng Jun, let him quickly start.So Zheng jun immediately rushed to the scene, pretending to encounter his cousin, while its pumping completely unprepared, a will push him into the cellar.After falling into the water, Zheng once begged for mercy and said he would not pursue, and promised to immediately agree to divorce.Zheng was afraid that his cousin would inform on him, so he raised a stick and beat him.During the process, Jeong grabbed the pump several times to climb out, but eventually died in the cellar he dug.Jeong confessed: “I love this woman too much. I am trapped by love, so I can do this stupid thing.”Conclusion not far from the Jinsha River roaring non-stop running, as if also for this human tragedy laments.Husband and wife are two birds in the same forest. Even if they cannot live in love and harmony, they will not fight against each other.Yet the love and hatred of the world are intertwined with those who were once closest to each other.Zheng did not manage their own marriage, the honest man just want to live on, adhere to not divorce, only to lead to the disaster of death, it is sympathetic.Yang mou mei and Zheng Mou Jun two uncle sister-in-law incest, no bottom line, there was a mistake in the first, then hurt human life, finally put their own life also filled in, deplorable.A human tragedy took three lives, directly destroyed two families, cannot help but sigh.It is sad that jeong s two daughters have lost their parents since the death of his father.Once out of the cage of desire, people will do harm to others and harm their own things, friends should always introspect.Liangshan Daily liangshan woman and her brother-in-law for a long time to be together, conspired to kill her husband.Liangshan Daily Observation deck Danruohua pomegranate land | Hui-li Pomegranate Garden to welcome guests and friends 2021-08-19