The deputy commander sold national secrets and enjoyed prosperity in the United States, but was assassinated in his home two years later

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After World War II, the United States and the Soviet Union fought a fierce battle for position.Both the United States and the Soviet Union wanted to dominate the world.For this reason, the two countries will not hesitate to fight, whether it is open or secret, all have only one goal, that is to defeat each other.To this end, the two sides engaged in a fierce intelligence war, using all means to obtain information from the other side.Among them, America’s methods are more diversified, and it can be said that all means are used to achieve the end.The Soviets were promised not only permanent asylum in the United States, but generous rewards for providing them with valuable information.Despite repeated demands, the Soviets also issued strict laws to prevent whistleblowers from coming to the United States.But where there is money, there is courage.In the face of high interests, there are still many people who take risks.According to foreign media reports, a Soviet deputy lieutenant general named Kosherev used his position to provide a lot of information to the U.S. army.Although he was a deputy commander in the Soviet Union, his financial income was low.Unable to enjoy the luxuries of wealth, he decided to take the risk and pursue the rich life in America.Kosherev was in charge of the Soviet East German Air Force’s 16th Army, a flagship unit.The Soviet Union used this unit to inflict heavy losses on American forces.The Americans tried many times to remove the nail, but never got the chance.Then it was suggested that all matters would be settled if Koshelev, the chief officer of the army, were disposed of.By chance, American intelligence approached Kosherev, and after some persuasion, the United States promised him a bounty of 20 million dollars, but he needed to take the whole army layout plan, as well as the parameters of important fighter jets in exchange.Knowing that he could not live without these documents, Koshelev asked the United States to protect him and to settle there.In order to obtain valuable information, the United States readily agreed.It turned out that Mr. Kosherev had given the United States materials worth at least tens of billions of dollars.But traitors never end well.Two years later, late one night, a scream came from inside the villa where Kosherev lived.When the bodyguards rushed in, they found Kosherev lying in a pool of blood in the bathroom.The body was stabbed fully after more than 20 knives, many people guess, this is the Practice of the Soviet anti-espionage team, they never show mercy to traitors.