The light in the Antique (text/Blue Moon Boat)

2022-05-26 0 By

The horses of The Tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty, the children’s pillows of Dingyao, the Tibetan headdress with old beeswax, and the silver cicada necklace walk from the boudoir to the cultural palace.The jade cabbage contains the aged patina, the bronze cash cow shakes the former rich thought, the beast head agate wine cup filled the tang and Song dynasties glory.”Flat fu stick” words like a thousand years of practice.I read the words of ancient and simple small zhuan on bamboo slips, I understood the vicissitudes of life outlined by the fish axe painted on shang pottery, the golden sun bird ornaments added to the mystery of Sanxingdui, and the jade clothes infiltrated into the ancient people’s beautiful dreams.The hands of ancient writers and craftsmen exudes the light of stars and moon, and the light blends into every treasure they carefully make. This light shines into our eyes through thousands of years, bringing the glorious scenes of Yin, Shang, Northern Wei, Song and Tang dynasties to our side.