What are the 9 manifestations and causes of facial anxiety?

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To start the article, let’s see if you have the following performance:1. Always think you don’t look good,Repeated 2, look in the mirror is very concerned about others seem insignificant appearance defects in 3, always think that people will pay attention to your appearance in a negative way or mock you 4 pushing their own appearance, comparing with others 5, want to adjust your facial and body through the plastic 6, too eager to know all kinds of cosmetic surgery and other informationAvoid social contact because of appearance 8. Spend a lot of time on make-up, especially before going out 9. Avoid discussing appearance and other related topics with others.In February 2021, youth University Media conducted a questionnaire survey on the topic of face anxiety among 2,063 college students across the country. The results showed that,59.03% of college students have a certain degree of appearance anxiety, and quite a number of them are in a serious degree of anxiety, and the proportion is still increasing. So, what is the cause of appearance anxiety?First of all, when we pick up the mobile phone and watch the video, there are Internet celebrities, long legs and so on. Although we all know that this is the function of beauty, we still compare them intentionally or unintentionally.The essence of facial anxiety is a lack of confidenceThis is a kind of because of inferiority and anxiety caused by the deep reasons may themselves don’t realize that it is suffered as a child trauma associated with features such as childhood often listen to their parents or relatives and friends say “children have no genetic to good genes” and similar words may be because of the appearance reason students take the nicknames such as “dinosaur”, “short winter melon”, “steel teethYounger sister “, and so on and the nickname for years with his subtle blend in to in their own cognitive because even some people appearance issue laughed at by malicious exclusion and the psychological trauma continuously in the heart of the role led to grow up is not confident in your looks and formed the psychological state of anxiety appearance more serious appearance will make you suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder anxiety or depressionThere was a female college student who used to make up for at least two hours before going out to class every day. If she was not satisfied, she would wipe it all off and start again. This is a typical obsessive-compulsive disorder caused by facial anxiety.Said she was too soil in junior high school student because pimple-faced was constantly made fun of this are causing serious appearance she felt nervous and mental trauma, then, if you have related anxiety suggest themselves can be rationally to cope with such as can put more energy on self-improvement, turn pressure into motivation as their overall ability to ascend,You can also increase your confidence so that you don’t have so much anxiety about your appearance. You can also increase your reading capacity. You have poetry in your stomach, and beauty is not in your skin.If the problem is really more serious has evolved into obsessive-compulsive disorder or depression and other mental disorders, it is recommended to seek psychological help and support as soon as possible!