County party committee leadership to the road township survey industry development work

2022-05-27 0 By

On March 28, the county committee standing Committee, executive deputy county magistrate Niurui to the road township investigation current key work.Niurui to road township Daping village tobacco planting base, shuikou village “agate red” cherry peach planting base and bent village small spring potato, early winter vegetable planting base, understand the project to advance the situation, listened to the road township work report.Niurui requirements, the road township to adhere to the leadership of the Party building, focusing on the improvement of organizational strength, the political advantages of the Party organization, organizational advantages to give full play to, strong grasp of the thought, organization, team, build a strong rural revitalization “headquarters” and “war department”.Rich agricultural industry should be stressed, SAR, studies the agricultural industry projects, based on the township, highlight the advantage industry, scientific planning and design, optimize the industrial layout, strengthen and project counterpart departments, experts, such as operators, planting and aquiculture giants participation main body coordination service, completes the industry technical guidance, late middle management, consolidate, production and marketing docking service work,We will keep people’s incomes stable.Ma Xiang: Chen Ran editor: Luo Lihong