Lisa’s favorite Thai treasure singer, The Toys, do you know him?

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Recently, The Toys, along with Sprite and Pattie, has endorsed Byte’s Thai game ROX, so The Toys treasure boy has successfully caught my attention.Born in 1995, The Toys is The most popular singer in Thailand. His outstanding creative ability, ability to play Musical Instruments and high-quality music make him The most unique among Thai singers. Let’s make a small edition to pick this fierce singer.Toy’s mother is Nittaya Bunsungnoen, a famous Singer in Thailand. As a result, Toy grew up with music and decided to become a musician.★ Started playing guitar at age 7, and formed a band with 4 friends when I was in primary school abroad.★ At the age of 15, he learned guitar, piano, saxophone, trumpet and traditional Thai Musical Instruments.(Toy’s trick, by the way, was to bounce a guitar off his back.)★ At the age of 16, Toy had a part-time job at a CD store, which initiated toy’s career as a producer.★ At the age of 17, Toy began writing music and was signed by Bole Mining.At 14, he was the runner-up in the Thai guitar Competition, and at 17, he was the fifth in the world guitar competition.His debut song last winter won him the 2018MAMA Asian new artist award and a series of awards from Tencent music Thailand.When RapperLisa was asked who her favorite Thai singer was on The show, she didn’t hesitate to answer The Toys.He covered Toy’s songs many times on the show, and dragged Rose to give Toy a call on IG.Lisa also joked that Toy’s rap was too fast for her to sing in its full form. When toy received the signal from his fan, he acted as soon as possible and re-recorded “Before the Rainy Season”.What’s important is that Toy deliberately changed the rap to a slower version, which is a fan of action.The Rap is Toy’s personal music style, which Thai people are trying to imitate and challenge.The funniest part is that a Thai variety show specially takes singing Toy’s RAP in one breath as a necessary challenge.The behavior of artists is always different from ordinary people. Before, Jj Lin likes to create in The bathroom, and later, The Toys are good at writing songs in dreams.Toy said that many of his wild ideas came from dreams, so every time he woke up, he would write down his dreams, think about them, and write down some of the most interesting ideas in words and music.When you listen to Toy’s songs, you realize that his inspiration really comes from dreams.”04:00″ describes waking up at 4 am and thinking about your lover.● “Summer Dream” wrote the morning dream when the happy mood.●Star refers to the infinite love for the stars at night.Even the hit song “Last Winter” has a hint of a dream.Toy is hot right now, collaborating with the likes of BamBam and F.Hero.The Toy’s original name is pronounced “Beach frog” in Chinese, so Chinese fans like to call it “Frog frog”.Toy was an artist, but he was really cute and did a lot of funny things he didn’t know he did.The first time I heard about a celebrity who was sent to learn communication by the company because of his lack of sociability was Toy.Toy said he spent 20 hours a day with his instrument, so he couldn’t express himself well. But toy turned a tragedy into a comedy. He could shut the teacher down and leave after two or three conversations.Curious what Toy said to the maestro, hopefully one day he will reveal it.In public, Toy was so different from his ebullient stage persona, his face and body so stiff for the camera that he felt like he could dig a castle out of his toes.From Toy’s original comparison, you can read his embarrassment and amusement.The Toys is very down to earth, even though he is famous in Thailand now.There are a lot of shows and concerts clamoring for him, but he still sings in big bars, maybe one day he’ll run into a small bar in Khao SAN Road.The text/coconut