The General Office of the State Council forwarded the 14th Five-Year Special Education Development and Promotion Action Plan of the Ministry of Education and other departments

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Beijing, January 25 (Xinhua) –The General Office of the State Council recently forwarded the 14th Five-year Plan action Plan for the Development and Improvement of special education issued by the Ministry of Education and other departments (hereinafter referred to as the Action Plan), directing local governments to speed up the high-quality development of special education.”Action plan” pointed out that the new era to xi jinping, the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics as a guide, fully implement the party’s education policy, the implementation of khalid ents fundamental task, follow the rules of special education, aiming at appropriate fusion, to speed up the special education system, constantly improve special education guarantee mechanism, comprehensively improve the quality of special education,To promote the self-esteem, self-confidence, self-improvement and self-reliance of disabled children and adolescents, achieve maximum development, and strive to make disabled children and adolescents grow up to be useful talents of the country.The Plan of Action sets forth four basic principles.Adhere to government-led, special education, special support on the basis of the universal policy;We will implement targeted policies and promote education based on different categories to achieve scientific assessment and education for children and adolescents with disabilities.We will continue to promote equity and achieve shared benefits so that every child and youth with disabilities can have a chance to excel in life.We should respect differences and integrate diversity so that children with disabilities and ordinary children can grow and make progress together.According to the action plan, a high-quality special education system will be initially established by 2025.The level of access to compulsory education has increased significantly, with 97 percent of school-age children with disabilities enrolled in compulsory education.The quality of education has been comprehensively improved, the curriculum and teaching material system has been further improved, the education model has been more diversified, the curriculum and teaching reform has been deepened, and integrated education has been comprehensively promoted.The guarantee mechanism was further improved, funding for special education was gradually increased, the ranks of teachers were further strengthened, their professional skills were further raised, and their benefits were further guaranteed.The Action Plan identifies three major tasks and measures.First, we will expand school services and speed up the improvement of the special education system.We will continue to raise the level of universal access to compulsory education for children with disabilities, improve the supply of degrees and the ability to provide services for special education, promote the development of special education in non-compulsory education on the basis of consolidating the achievements in universal access to special education in compulsory education, and increase the opportunities for children and adolescents with disabilities at all levels of schooling.Second, we will promote integrated education and comprehensively improve the quality of special education.Ordinary education, vocational education, medical rehabilitation and special education further depth fusion, information technology and promote pairing helping build and collectivization fusion of running a school, to develop guidelines for compulsory education phase fusion education teaching research, education demonstration zone for fusion scheme to create, improve the quality of special education school evaluation index system.Third, we will enhance support capacity and constantly improve the guarantee mechanism for special education.Improve special education school conditions, to strengthen the construction of school barrier-free facilities, promote the building of special education resource centre, strengthen perfect fund input mechanism, by 2025 China special education public funds for compulsory education stage every lay up to 7000 yuan a year, to strengthen the construction of special education teachers, improve teacher’s professional accomplishment as a whole.The action plan emphasizes strengthening the Party’s overall leadership over special education, strengthening provincial-level and city-level coordination, implementing county-level primary responsibility, strengthening supervision and evaluation, and ensuring the effective implementation of the action plan for the development and improvement of special education.People’s Daily (January 26, 2022 edition 04)