The results of grassland pest monitoring and green prevention and control are beginning to show in Ningxia

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In order to improve the grassland supporting ability of science and technology, to solve the grassland pests and insect resources protection and biological control of key technical problems, the ningxia hui autonomous region grassland pests and workstation executed the grassland in ningxia information monitoring and promotion of green integrated prevention and control technology and application demonstration projects, through the effective integration of technological innovation and demonstration application.One is to build grassland pest monitoring and early warning sample point 45.The field systematic monitoring and investigation of major insects such as grasshoppers, ground beetles and leaf beetles was completed for one time, and the morphological characteristics and occurrence rules of grassland pests at monitoring and warning points were clarified, providing important technical methods for accurate monitoring of occurrence dynamics and insect succession rules of grassland pests.Second, four pilot demonstration zones for grassland green prevention and control will be established.In Mahuang Mountain Township of Yanchi County, Majiatan Town of Lingwu City, Qiawang Town of Tongxin County, and Changle Town of Shapotou District, grassland insect pest green prevention and control technology demonstration zones have been built, covering a demonstration area of 4,000 mu.The third is to establish a comprehensive technical system of grassland pest control based on biological control.The project integrated demonstration and promotion of grassland pest control technology system, standardized grassland pest control areas, control indicators, control period, control methods, control effect evaluation and other content, improve the technical level of pest control in Ningxia grassland.At present, the total area of demonstration promotion of 380,000 mu.Fourth, effectively enhance the monitoring and control capacity of grassland pests.Throughout the year, we held three training courses for technical personnel of forest and grass technology promotion department, involving 120 people in total.Organize on-site training for farmers twice;Distribute 200 copies of training materials.Through the training, a team of grassland pest monitoring and control technology has been trained, which has laid a technological foundation for improving the technical level of grassland pest control and accelerating the transformation of technological achievements.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: