As the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger approaches, Kaifu District is actively carrying out visits and condolence activities

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The Spring Festival will come for days, kaifu district visits condolences activities actively, veterans and moral models, the difficulties people sent to care and warmth on January 26, district people’s congress standing committee, party secretary, director of the dry army led xiufeng street visits condolences to the difficulties of party members and veterans and carry out the safety in production before inspection and epidemic prevention and control work deployment.During the visit, Ou Ganjun sent New Year’s greetings and condolent materials to impoverished Party members and ex-servicemen.He stressed that the streets should further improve the quality of service, continue to do a good job in the service guarantee work, the Spring Festival epidemic prevention and control, production safety, food safety, coping with low-temperature rain and snow disaster work measures, to ensure that all work orderly and effective.On the afternoon of January 26, Zhang Chunxiong, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC District Committee and Secretary of the POLITICAL and Legal Committee of the CPC Central Committee, paid a visit to visit the Spring Festival.Zhang Chunxiong and his delegation visited the homes of Li Hanxiang and Chen Jianliang in Wujialing Street, learned about their families and physical conditions in detail, sent gifts of condolence, and wished them a happy New Year.Zhang Chunxiong visited Chen Jianliang’s home in Wujialing Street.From January 25 to 26, zhang Hongmin, member of the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee and minister of Publicity, led a team to visit and comfort moral models, good people around and members and masses in difficulties before the Spring Festival.Zhang hongmin expressed his hope that the large number of moral models and “the good people around” would cherish the honor, ring and work hard, and build “the north city of benevolence and morality, a model of civilization and a harmonious and blessed place” with the driving force of “moral cultivation, moral observance and worship of virtue”.Street community cadres should pay more attention to the living conditions of difficult party members and the masses, and solve the difficult problems in life for them.Sources │ peng Yuchun, first instance │ Rao Li, second instance │ Yuan Jintao, third instance │ Li Yaxiong, production │ Kaifu Rong Media Center