China’s women’s soccer team eliminated Japan on penalties in the Asian Cup

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China’s women’s soccer team eliminated Japan on penalties in the Asian Cup.Netizens pointed out that: after the women’s football team fell behind, the tactics were very clear, and all the players were very unified, indicating that the head coach’s plan is very sufficient, the water coach is not water.This is the most charming and touching game, the kind of fighting indomitable, with the weak to see the strong eyes are moist, this is the spirit we need.There is a big technical and tactical gap with Japan, but it also proved that it is not lack of strength will lose, fight hard, the spirit of death, the same chance to increase the odds.Water guiding ingenious methods, the game with a striker defender, is to limit the characteristics of small Japan’s spirit, also played a very good effect, the match Japan frontal attack has not obtained a good effect, the effect of the squad to keep flat to win in the second half he is the first half, lost a match in the second half in the first half, tactics properly, win in reason.Although the whole game is not very optimistic about the goalkeeper, I feel a little foolish, did not expect the end was the biggest hero, SORRY, I was wrong.Women’s football team is not like to move ahead of time, there are a few feelings have not kicked ahead of time to go out.The Chinese women’s football team played very hard in this match. Basically, when they reached a certain area, several players gathered together to fight. They played very smart, although they were not very ideal for several times, they were more energetic than the men’s.It is not easy for the women’s football team, the defense was so fierce in the first half, and the strong willpower won the game in the extra time when the physical strength was overdrawn, which perfectly interpreted the spirit of sonorous roses. You are the representatives of Chinese football.Wang Shanshan has been playing for so many years. She has always been fast, accurate and ruthless. She has never been afraid of anyone, and she is very vigorous and stable on the field.The same national team, the same against the Japanese team, the same in the Spring Festival, one against the Asian champions, one against the world champions!What did our national women’s football team show and bring to us in the process of the match and the result? The scene did not dominate the ball, Wang Shuang was not on the court, their fighting, their spirit, they showed confidence in the penalty kick!From the third penalty kick player after the goal smile I know, the victory must belong to the Chinese women’s football team!Japanese women’s strength is very strong, but the Chinese women’s team was not afraid, although appear passive, but the women’s struggle and indomitable spirit of the girls, like women’s volleyball team spirit, or put some more money to the women’s, men’s soccer simply push to hard to grab from baby, honestly waiting for ten years or twenty years to see results.Water guidance dare to let Wang Shanshan play a whole field in the middle of the decisive substitution, is really something!Wang Shanshan to the center may be a lot of impact forward.Maybe the central defender is short?Overtime finally behind also do not have too much idea, press up to blunt her, the Japanese also messed up, Wang Shanshan’s rush point kung fu is really fierce, this does not obey.The luck of the women’s football team is also very good. The Japanese team lost even if their shooting skills were strong enough to lose the girls. There is a gap.The women’s football team is very resilient, but objectively we are still not strong enough. I hope the youth training can be carried out well.In China, there will be groups of parents and children to play football unless the school does football and the students have less pressure to study!The technical level of the game was not as good as the men’s, but the process was breathtaking, it was like Liverpool vs Milan in the Champions League final.In terms of strength, it is not as good as Japan’s women’s football team, but to some extent, it makes up for the gap in technical and tactical level.We still have to learn from others, how should we make up for their shortcomings?Coach tactics or in place, I can see the usual training things, how high closing, how to break closing, can see.Including the last ten minutes to use the height advantage of the long ball penalty area, but also achieved the equaliser effect.There is a gap in personal ability, but the real brain and will to fight down.The day before yesterday, Shui Qingxia said that she would play to her strengths and avoid her weaknesses. This game was indeed done, taking the initiative to relinquish possession of the ball and retain the energy to win the second half.The result is good, the second goal is to fry in 2 o ‘clock volley that scoring again, with luck, full-court we execute the counter-attack is not determined, by height is not as good as our Japanese two header, is totally beaten twice to wear, the box people too little, should be thoroughly point, should stand more people in the area, you relinquish possession, where don’t recycle more significance,I hope the Korean team will not be passive.It turns out that in a low-profile team like women’s soccer, you need someone with relevant experience at the helm.Like Jia Xiuquan, he actually knows football, but not women’s football, so it looks like he’s messing around.What do you think about that?