Henan Songshan Longmen’s new season goal to “big” some, the minimum standard of fans to improve

2022-05-28 0 By

Today is the first day of the New Year, the first day of the New Year, everyone is expecting a good omen for the New Year.Henan fans can also look forward to the new season, the Central Plains iron Army can have better results.Rather than continue relegation so simple, now the Henan team, has the strength to a higher level.Every year, the minimum standard of Henan fans is relegation, relegation is still the minimum standard in the New Year, but the team is further to complete the goal.Because now the Central Plains iron Army has the strength to set such a goal, and the team can complete such a goal, such a goal is not too ambitious.For two consecutive seasons, Henan team in the relegation group is a standout, is one of the highest points team.The 2020 season is the first relegation group, just ended the 2021 season, but Shenhua in the first stage of the score is too high, so Henan team is the second relegation group, but the team in the relegation group results is very good.Now the team has a stable external environment, and excellent lineup, so the new season of Henan team will not think about relegation, but the impact of the championship group, if the resumption of home and away, impact top eight is completely achievable goal.Such a goal is not difficult to achieve, as long as the team plays properly, such a goal is not big.Over the past two seasons, the team’s biggest credit is coach Javier.But this team, the Spanish manager has changed very little, and the foreign players were not selected by Javier, it is this environment, Javier has been able to take the team from a win to a relegation group unbeaten, this season three points from the champions group.The new season’s team was almost unchanged, with Xavier’s old acquaintances all around.The point is that the midfield is being transformed and there is room for the Spanish boss to change it.And kolo Toure up front, which is still a transformable position.With the quota of foreign aid, the team can continue to strengthen.The team can strengthen, which is good.The point is that javier is returning to Henan for the second time, and the Spanish coach wants to stay in Henan for three years. If he wants to stay, results will speak for themselves, and Javier knows that.Now the first priority is to eliminate the gap between the henan fans, because in the relegation group before the start of the game, henan fans have a bit of a scar, so eliminating the bad past is the first priority.Now the environment of Chinese football in there, a lot of teams equity did not complete the transformation, and the team have all don’t know tomorrow, the environment, and look at the stability of the henan team, with a hope to prove his coach, then the new season of the henan team target is too low, can’t be avoid relegation.Now it’s 18 teams and top eight is an achievable goal.