If love lasts forever, it has to do with parents’ blessing

2022-05-28 0 By

# # parents opposed to love, want to insist on a person’s feeling actually is ignorant in 20 to 30 years old, a lot of time oneself fall into the trap, love is a good thing, marriage is a cemetery, marriage is not love, don’t have much bondage and their family, after getting married, you know, the way of the world, are you a person unable to properly deal with it,If your parents object to this love, you can insist, but after marriage, you will feel that this road will be particularly difficult to walk, In Chinese culture, there is a saying, you have to face, filial piety first, if you can give up, of course, you can insist.If you do not have enough experience and strength to support your future, you should not insist on the love opposed by your parents. Even if you love him or her very much, the past is gone, and the next street lamp may be not far away.No experience, who are not so easy to make a choice, one thousand wrong, regret will be in my life, although now divorce, remarriage, very popular, who can stand up again and again hurt, so, for the parents oppose love, suggest to give up, although sometimes think of would be sad, but better than the life of misery.