I’m a painter. What song does that come from?

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“I’m a Painter” is a funny and lively Polish children’s song.As early as the 1980s and 1990s, it was included in the classic children’s song ode to Joy. Later, it was found in music textbooks and tapes in China. The demonstration singer of this song is Zhang Jinli.The melody of the song is very simple and easy to sing and remember, so it became popular with many children soon after it was introduced to China.In particular, the overall music style of this song is more interesting, the lyrics are also very humorous, mainly about the small painter in hard work after the fruits of their own labor, at the same time, do not forget to show off their own labor success.This on the one hand to the small painter labor can be with praise, but also symbolized the education of students love labor and optimistic spirit of a kind of praise.The demonstration singer of the song is Zhang Jinli, a well-known musician in China. In his early years, he followed the old artist Mr. Zhao Dan to sing the theme song “In spring” of the movie “Cross Streets”, and began to get the recognition and attention of the general audience.Later, because of his outstanding musical ability, he was instructed and taught by famous music masters Liu Jiachang and Weng Qingxi, which laid a solid foundation for his later singing career.Later, he also got the guidance of professor Jin Tielin, a famous vocal music educator, and professor Gu Wenyue and Professor Dai Yueqin, famous pingju performing artists, and gradually became a famous musician.