Made it!Watch out for the life cup!Are you still using thermos incorrectly?

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As the saying goes, “When you reach middle age, you have to soak goji berries in your thermos.”I believe many friends have heard of this sentence, in addition to the middle-aged, now many young people also joined the team of health.Vacuum cup, foot tub, steam eye mask, massage chair….Countless health products come into our sight.As the main force in the health team, the online and offline market is very broad, almost everyone has one in the streets.Do you know all this about thermos?Thermos cup, as the name implies, it is the container that holds water by pottery and porcelain or stainless steel and vacuum layer make it commonly, the top has cover, seal tightly, vacuum insulation layer can make the liquid such as water that is installed in the interior delay heat dissipation, in order to achieve the purpose of heat preservation.Although the thermal insulation cup has a very good effect, but at the same time there are security risks.Because a lot of friends will take it to put ice Cola, effervescent tablets, milk tea…These high sugar, high nutrition and high carbonic acid food or medicine, easy to breed microorganisms, or cause the unstable air pressure in the cup and cause the cup to explode.Why did it explode?1, red dates, wolfberry and other nutrient-rich food, after soaking in water, sugar precipitation, easy to be used by microorganisms.Under the environment of suitable temperature and sufficient nutrients, these microorganisms will ferment to produce a large number of gases such as carbon dioxide. The increasing pressure in the sealed thermos cup may lead to hot water gushing out and “explosion” wounding events.2, if in a vacuum in the coke, Sprite, such as carbonated drinks, carbonated drinks contain large amounts of gas, and permeability is strong, and vacuum to prevent leaking is a call of synthetic plastic body, this kind of material is unable to prevent where carbonated soft drinks, especially in vacuum cup by turbulence, gas out of carbonated soft drinks,Leakage will be more serious, there will be an “explosion” situation.How to choose and buy a quality vacuum cup?1. Look at the appearance of the cup.See whether the inner and outer surface polishing is uniform, whether there are bumps and scratches.2, see if the mouth welding is smooth and consistent.It’s about how comfortable you feel when you drink.3, look at the plastic parts.Poor quality of plastic parts will not only affect the service life, but also affect drinking water sanitation.4, see whether the internal seal is tight.Whether the screw plug and the cup body is suitable, whether the screw in and out freely, whether the water leakage.Check for leaks by filling a cup with water and inverting it for four or five minutes or shaking it vigorously.5, accessories environmental protection identification.The environmental protection of plastic fittings is also the problem worth paying attention to, can be identified through smell, if the cup is made of food-grade plastic, the smell is small, bright surface without burr, long service life is not easy to aging.Ordinary plastic or recycled plastic is big smell, dark color, burr, plastic aging easy to break.Family ~ the weather is cold, with the decrease of the body’s resistance also oh, so must be sure to keep warm oh ~ PS: if you have don’t like in the home no longer wear outdated clothes, welcome to those who no longer need to old clothes for the old shoe to small white oh ~ that you seem to have no use value of old clothes, is still a valuable resource.They will be fully utilized through environmental protection and public welfare
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